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November 18, 2011 - Episode 19 Transcript
The transcript for episode 19 is up. 20 will come next week, once everyone has had some time to enjoy the episode. This whole "being up to date" thing is a lot less difficult when there's only one transcript to do as opposed to 12.
2011-11-18 1:02AM · Comments (0)
Red vs Blue
November 7, 2011 - How do you like your transcripts?
I like mine up to date.
2011-11-7 4:00PM · Comments (0)
Red vs Blue
August 14, 2011 - Season 9 Transcripts Galore!
I think you should head on over to the brand new Season 9 Transcript Index and start checking out the transcripts for the first 11 videos of Season 9. The lines are not yet entered in the search database, but the transcripts themselves are up and running.

Also, enormous thanks needs to go out to Martienne. Unbeknownst to everyone except for me, this fine woman has been working tirelessly to correct all the Spanish translations on the site, because let's face it, Babelfish simply isn't sufficient for a job like this. When I rule the world, she will be allowed to live.

And now the transcripts likely get to fade back into obscurity again for a bit, as I work on other things. Though hopefully I won't let them slip this far again, because it took me two days to catch up. These long scripts are a killer.
2011-08-14 11:39PM · Comments (0)
Red vs Blue
April 26, 2011 - Apropos of Nothing
The transcript search function has been updated to be less punctuation-sensitive. It used to be that if you searched for "Son of a bitch!" you would get different results than if you entered simply "Son of a bitch" - this is poor behaviour, as it restricts results in an unreasonable way. The search will now ignore all periods, commas, exclamation points and question marks, as it should have in the first place. I might alter it further in order to allow searching by words rather than pronunciation (i.e. Reveille rather than revelee), but that is a massive undertaking that isn't that high on my list of priorities right now.

Also, the Spanish has been updated and corrected all the way up to Reconstruction episode 2.
2011-04-26 10:34AM · Comments (0)
Rooster Teeth Productions, Red vs Blue
December 15, 2010 - New Transcript (finally)
Well, it took a while because of how busy I've been, but here's the latest Red vs Blue transcript: Upgrading PSA. Enjoy!
2010-12-15 2:41PM · Comments (2)
Red vs Blue
September 15, 2010 - Chapter 20 Transcript
Here you are.

And that brings to an end the eighth season of Red vs Blue, and the 272nd transcript I've done for Rooster Teeth videos. At this rate, if they can keep this up for another 22 years I'll reach 1000. Which would be kind of awesome, but at the same time ...not. Doing these transcripts actually takes up rather a lot of time, especially when Burnie refuses to keep Lopez dead and I have to find people who know Spanish to volunteer their time.

That doesn't in any way mean that I'm going to stop doing them; not at all. I enjoy it (except the Spanish) and will keep doing it for as long as that is the case. But I do think that I should explore some other possibilities with this website. I have something in mind, and I think you'll like it. Now I just need to get there from here.
2010-09-15 11:13AM · Comments (4)
Rooster Teeth Productions, Red vs Blue
September 12, 2010 - Transcript update, and more
Transcripts for Revelation Chapter 19 and the last instalment of the Halo Reach miniseries are up in the Revelation transcript area. The transcript for Chapter 20 is finished, and the episode is awesome, but I'm going to be holding back the transcript until Tuesday to make sure people get a chance to watch the video first. And because I'm not a total dick.

To make up for not giving you the Chapter 20 transcript before the video is even released to the general public, here's an MP3 of Sarge's "Forge World" song from the third Reach episode. I have a feeling you'll like it.
2010-09-12 11:12PM · Comments (0)
Red vs Blue
August 31, 2010 - Revelation Chapter 18 Transcript is up
Less than 24 hours after release. Damn I'm good.
2010-08-31 8:20PM · Comments (2)
Red vs Blue
August 25, 2010 - Transcripts all caught up
I haven't slept yet, so it's still Tuesday night. Looks like it's gonna be a looong day.
2010-08-25 8:42AM · Comments (0)
Red vs Blue
August 10, 2010 - Transcripts are Fun
Three new videos?

Three new transcripts.

Also, I'm still looking for someone to help correct the Spanish for the first 6 seasons. If you're interested in helping Rooster Tooths, go ahead and visit the previous news item and make your intentions known.
2010-08-10 1:00PM · Comments (0)
Red vs Blue

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Look, I could finish the transcripts for what's left of Season 11 plus what's been done for Season 12 the problem is whoever runs this site isn't active here or on

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