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Red Vs Blue's Private Church
Red Vs Blue's Private Church in his old Marathon armor
Name:Private Leonard (L.L.) Church
Cobalt, until dying in episode 8, then white from episode 10 onward as a ghost, or whatever color the person he's possessing happens to be.  Then he went back in time, and his armor was blue and green.  Now he's back in the future, and he seems to have settled in a cobalt-coloured robot.
Current Status:Unknown

Church was a little spoiled as a child.  He grew up in Texas, and was used to getting exactly what he wanted, which shortened his temper significantly.  He was also raised by people who knew what they were doing with their lives, and who worked hard to progress in the direction they'd chosen.  Private Church has very little patience with stupidity, or with people doing/saying things that just don't make sense.

While back in Texas, Church dated Tex.  Unfortunately, his overall bitter demeanor wasn't exactly the most attractive to her, and she went to find companionship elsewhere.  This only made Church more bitter, and caused him to be a little less trusting of people in general.  He still loves her though, and is trying to get her back.

Before being stationed in Blood Gulch, Church found himself on Sidewinder, the ice planet.  Standard practice there was to bitch about the cold and wait for some action, so it came as quite a surprise when Tex was hired to murder his entire team in front of his eyes.

Actually, it's probably a very good thing for him that he got stuck in Blood Gulch after that with the rest of the blues.  During his time there he's realised that in general, things don't make sense, so there's no point fretting about them.

Being so bitter all the time meant Church was left alone a lot, and that his favourite colour is green.  Being alone so much, he got used to it, and is now capable of going through extended periods of absolute solitude without any ill effect to his psyche at all.  It was thus somehow fitting that the only places he was ever sent to were out of the way, isolated, and hard to get to.

At least, that's what he remembers...


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Comments (1-15 of 15)
#1: syrix said at 2005-11-12 7:13PM:

good writing

very nicely done. A great homage to my favourite character.
#2: killthem said at 2005-11-12 7:22PM:

Totally agree.

I completely agree with this. It is obvious that Church is the cause of everything in Red vs Blue, and I think you thought about this for quite a while before submitting this.
#3: ilikeme42 said at 2006-02-18 10:04AM:


That's Church in a nutshell. Clearly the best (and main) character in the show. Ah... so many sardonic phrases, so little respect of those around him. That's right, dear Church. Live the dream.
#4: Kabuse said at 2006-03-17 6:39AM:

Spelling Error

Eighth paragraph, "Once Church had left the robot Lopez's body so his team could persuade it to fix itself, Lopez did just that, and the ran away." Third to last word should be 'then'.

Other than that this was great. I've only just now stumbled upon this portion of the site, I don't think people give you enough credit for it.
#5: JabariTana said at 2007-02-21 7:12PM:


Very very well written. Where did they get the whole, Childhood thing. That's what I'm wondering.
#6: bassmanivan said at 2007-09-14 8:50AM:


church is the best of teh blues
#7: CHURCHRULEZ said at 2008-07-9 4:35AM:

Hey Church

Yo Church Can I Get Your E Mail please I Have Some Questions For You And Tucker!
#8: churchgirl77 said at 2008-11-24 10:01AM:


Church's background info... YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Church is my all time favorite character and now I finally know the childhood and history he remebers!!!!!!!!!! to bad he's really the alpha.........
#9: AgentTexas said at 2009-01-12 12:03PM:

Church And Tex

I highly agree with Church wanting to win Tex back! I'm sure everyone knows the only reason that he's going with Wash is because he wants to find Tex, Because he loves her. Personally and I think that Tex secretly loves Church too, but would never admit it. Anyways, nice job. One more thing, I saw someone on One profile saying you should show this stuff to Rooster Teeth. If you watch the credits on the Red vs Blue Reconstruction DVD it says in the special thanks Rooster
#10: kevin77pwnge said at 2010-05-21 3:52PM:

why is churches aim off

why does church always miss his shot with the sniper?
#11: kingzak13 said at 2010-06-1 7:09AM:


it is a running gag on the series

also i like church he is funny

though i do prefer epsilon church to regular church mainly because of the laser face

(if you don't know what i am talking about you aren't a red vs blue fan)
#12: caboose9000 said at 2010-07-30 8:54PM:


Fear his lazer face rawr
#13: ILovezTucker said at 2010-07-31 12:28PM:


the status should be changed
#14: rougekill13 said at 2010-08-12 6:39PM:


technicly he fused with epsilon so no matter what body he has he has epsilon....i think thats right...
#15: kingzak13 said at 2010-09-9 6:22AM:


no the epsilon fragment of the original A.I alpha
which was church but the memories were rremoved

so epsilon is technially a back up church

now he is back in his old body

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