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Character Bios - Red vs Blue

Red Vs Blue's Chairman
Name:The Chairman
Current Status:Kind of Angry

The Chairman was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. His mom was a drunk and his dad was neglectful, so he grew up basically on his own under their roof. With no real checks or balances in his life, he ended up being kind of an asshole. He was naturally smart though, and coasted through school right on in to the University of Texas.

While there he took a class in nanotechnology taught by Professor Leonard Church. Church didn't approve of the future Chairman acting out the way he was accustomed to doing, and reprimanded him for doing so whenever it was appropriate. This led him to harbor bitter feelings toward Church, even as he graduated the school with honors.

From University he enlisted in the Military, and was immediately shunted over to Intelligence. His take-charge, "do what it takes and damn the rest of them" attitude led him to excel, and helped him work his way through the ranks to eventually chair the Oversight Subcommittee. He figured since he was now in a position of authority, he should put on a haughty accent when dealing with people, to try and put them at a mental disadvantage. Imagine his surprise when the one man he's wanted to nail, Leonard Church, ended up as the head of Project Freelancer...


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