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Red Vs Blue's Freelancer Tex
Name:Freelancer Tex (Allison)
Current Status:Unknown

Tex is a freelancer, which is like a mercenary.  She's not actually officially affiliated with either team, but when Tucker called Blue Command for someone to get the flag back she was hired to do the job.

She was born and raised in Texas, which is where she got the nickname.  She actually dated Church for quite a while, but ended up stepping out to cheat on him with his own money.  She was also tough as nails, and still is.  She was raised by strict parents who wanted her to go become a soldier.

While in military school, Tex got recruited in to an experimental project to infuse her armor with a highly aggressive A.I. named O'Malley.  The aggressive nature of the A.I. mixed with her own natural aggression to accentuate the code of the A.I., turning it in to a homicidal program that would end up taking control of her.  Everyone in this program was given a name after a state.  Tex's was Nevada.

Throughout her Freelancer training, she always received preferential treatment from the Director and Counsellor.  They realised how powerful the combination of Tex and Omega was, and wanted to do everything they could to nurture her development.  Their plan worked; Tex quickly emerged as the best of all the Freelancers, which is why she was sent to Blood Gulch.  She was also schooled in mechanical and electrical engineering, since a Freelancer is likely to encounter situations where they need to improvise.


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#1: IAMCABOOSE said at 2006-03-21 5:13PM:


I think this charater bios area is a bit outdated. Still, it is very useful
#2: john0117 said at 2006-11-12 7:47PM:

Great, but w/ 1 error

This is great, but you spelled "Allison" wrong.
#3: Denim said at 2009-01-2 10:50PM:


She was being sarcastic when she said she was Agent Nevada.

Also, her Season 3 Character Profile says she was raised in a maximum security orphanage.
#4: Zewey said at 2009-01-10 2:25AM:


This references Reconstruction but doesn't include an obvious insight. The reason that Tex was treated special was that the two, Omega and Tex worked well together, but that she was actually the A.I. of the Director's lover who died in combat. Or at least that is the vibe I got from the closing letters from the Director. Also this is able to be shown by her ability to leave her body like Church does. Sorry if I spoiled anything but I think that if this is a true character bio this should be included.
#5: ILovezTucker said at 2010-08-14 10:53AM:


i thought the state name Tex was given was Texas not Nevada
#6: dragonpie47 said at 2010-12-10 3:40PM:

no, tex was wasnt agent texas

she wasnt being sarcastic when she said nevada, she actually meant it.
#7: Big_Ari said at 2011-06-22 4:58PM:


It has been stated by RoosterTeeth that "That was a joke she made to ridicule the blue guys. Her name was always Texas."

I site reddit:
#8: tucker11 said at 2011-06-24 8:13PM:


Well i think tex{Agent Nevade} is really really really good figther. wouldn't want to fight her.
#9: hazmatt said at 2011-12-15 2:41PM:

No, she's agent Texas.

In season 9 episode 10, Tex fights against Maine, York, and Wyoming and is clearly referred to as Texas. Later when she appears on the board (at least in episode 19 if not earlier), she's listed as Texas.

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