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Red Vs Blue's Freelancer Agent Washington
Name:Agent Washington
Current Status:Unknown

Agent Washington was born David to a retired Navy Captain named Charles, and a professional Author name Diane, in a small town in Oregon. His father raised him in an environment of strict obedience, teaching him the difference between right and wrong, and that he should always strive to be the best while following orders that are just, rather than following blindly. His mother taught him to be creative and think outside the box, looking for unlikely solutions to unexpected problems.

With a father living off a comfortable pension and a mother with residuals and royalties at her disposal, Wash was placed in the best schools for his entire upbringing, excelling at school and winning national championships in his age group for Chess, Ping Pong, and Mathematics. Coming from a military family, he enlisted in the Marines at age 19, after finishing at the top of his class at the University of Texas and earning a degree in Psychology.

Having excelled in the academic world, he quickly adapted to the military world and demonstrated proficiency in almost everything they tried him at. It came as no surprise to anyone when he was fast-tracked in to Project Freelancer, and given the Epsilon A.I. Unfortunately, Epsilon went insane while inside Wash's head, and had to be removed.

After the removal, Wash was having problems reconciling what he had learned from the A.I. regarding its origins. He simply couldn't believe that the organization he had enlisted himself in to could do the things that Epsilon had shared with him. During this period of melancholy he was temporarily certified Article 12: Unfit For Duty.

After much evaluation and personal exploration, he finally came to terms with what had been done, and set out to earn his way back in to the military's good graces. After some serious mental evaluations from military psychiatrists he was eventually uncertified Article 12, and returned to the active duty roster.


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Comments (1-4 of 4)
#1: AgentTexas said at 2009-01-12 11:52AM:


Why hasn't anyone commented on Wash? He's awesome isn't he? I think so.
#2: Delta8765 said at 2010-06-2 2:21PM:


Wash is cool in reconstruction but in revelation he is a pure douchebag.sorry for spoilers but i dont think anyone cool would team up with the meta to hunt epsilon and try to obtain the a.i by killing some and wounding others and by being a jackass
#3: rougekill13 said at 2010-08-12 6:13PM:


I still dont understand why he teamed up with the meta i mean they were fighting and now they are all buddy buddy being assholes together!
#4: dragonpie47 said at 2010-12-7 10:07PM:

well rougekill13

Lets see if you were given the opportunity to either live your life gain or rot in prison, for ... i think it would be called insubordination... alo for life, what would a levelheadd person do?

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