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Red Vs Blue's Freelancer Agent York
Current Status:Deceased

York was born in New Jersey. His parents were each wealthy real estate magnates, and then they married and started having kids. In total, they had seventeen of them; York was number twelve, and the only boy of the lot. This left him with an inferiority complex, and a need for constant approval that he wasn't getting because three of his older sisters were already mothers by the time he was old enough to swear, and all the attention was going to the newborns.

At the age of fifteen he couldn't take all the estrogen around him any more, nor the almost complete lack of attention, and left home for Brooklyn. Nobody noticed for three months. While in Brooklyn he was forced to live on the streets and learn the skills of the trade, which were basically lockpicking (which he was very good at), thievery (which he was mediocre at), and lying (which he was utterly terrible at).

Since the whole point of being a criminal is to work in shadow and not be noticed, although they were the skills he needed to survive they simply weren't suiting him, and he still felt unfulfilled. When the opportunity to join the Marines was made available to him, he jumped on it. Little did he know he'd end up being just another recruit, getting no kind of special attention at all.

Then he found out about Project Freelancer; a way to set himself apart and get the fluffing his ego so richly required. He signed up immediately, became Agent Foxtrot 12, and was soon fitted with the A.I. Delta, and a healing mechanism for his armor. Between his previous skills and his highly logical A.I., he was quickly set aside for infiltration training, and rose to the top of his class.

Everything was going great until the minds behind Project Freelancer decided they wanted to remove Omega from Agent Tex, and Omega didn't want to go. York was part of the team assigned to pin her down for extraction, and in the process of Tex getting away he lost 60% of the vision in his left eye. Realising Project Freelancer meant to remove all A.I. from their agents, York fled, returning full-circle back to the life of street crime from whence he had come.


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