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Red Vs Blue's Freelancer Agent South Dakota
Name:Agent South Dakota
Current Status:Deceased

Agent South Dakota was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan, the younger of two identical twins. Her twin sibling was a brother. Growing up they were always treated the same, even being dressed the same. Her mother really believed the novelty of having twins could only be maintained by treating them as two versions of the same person, and went out of her way to tell all her friends and associates to treat them as such as well. Because of all this manipulation of those around her, South's only real goal in life was to be seen as an individual, but she could never escape the feeling that if she tried to deviate, she would be looked down upon.

In school, South's grades weren't as good as her brother's, so she learned how to cheat and be devious in order to make sure she was always viewed as at least equal to her brother. She once even convinced her teacher that someone she'd cheated off of had in fact cheated off of her, and the other student was suspended for it.

She was recruited in to Project Freelancer from outside the military, along with her brother, because they were twins. When tested for an A.I., her brother, who was named Agent North Dakota, was rated to receive an A.I., while she was not. She didn't know that she hadn't been approved for one, and was actually in the implantation group behind Agent Washington; the administration was planning to "forget" to give her an A.I. Instead, Wash's A.I. went crazy, and the entire implantation group South was in ended up being scrapped.

After finishing training, they were both assigned to the same outpost, apparently to see how they would act with one twin having an A.I. and the other not. While they were stationed there, the base was attacked. In order to save herself, South abandoned her brother to the attacker, putting him in a position to draw their full attention on himself. He didn't survive, and now South finally gets to live her own life, at what she probably considers a fair cost.


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