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Red Vs Blue's Private Grif
Red Vs Blue's Private Grif in his shiny new Halo 2 armor
Name:Private Dexter Grif
Current Status:Alive

Dexter Grif was a child of privilege.  He came from a rather wealthy family, and never really had to worry about anything until he decided to join the military.  He never found acceptance in school, due to his family's wealth, so he spent his time focusing on his schoolwork, becoming surprisingly well educated and eventually attending Harvard University.  He also gained such a good grasp of sarcasm that it actually goes over other people's heads sometimes.  Despite his overall intelligence, he has very little worldly knowledge.

He also never ever took care of his body.  Having the childhood advantages he did, he spent all his spare time playing video games naked in a bean bag chair eating cheetos.  He took up smoking at an early age, and never picked up anything resembling a workout schedule.  As a result, he's really out of shape, barely able to run a few hundred feet.

Grif's kind of a rebel though.  He has a tattoo on the back of his neck from the comic book Blade, and somehow he got really in to skateboarding and doing tricks.  People have tried to figure out when he started skateboarding, but it will likely end up being a mystery for all time.  Odds are he did it so he could get around using only one leg, to continue being lazy.  He also spent an inordinate amount of time learning how to drive very well, taking several defensive driving classes.  He eventually got really in to science fiction, and joined the military because it looked like things he'd seen on T.V.

Of course, he also entered the Military to escape from his private disappointment in his life.  When he was still young, his Mother ran away from her life of wealth and privilege to join the circus as the bearded fat lady, forcing him to take care of his little sister.  He also always had a self-image problem, which was only accentuated by his poor body care.


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Comments (1-9 of 9)
#1: ilikeme42 said at 2006-02-18 1:16PM:

This disappointed Grif.

"This disappointed Grif." Hmmm...Understatement-of-the-century. Eight centuries actually.
Grif, what a little rascal.
And incidentally, Grif didn't exactly join the army. He was drafted. The only draftee in a long, long time. Yeah, it'd piss me off, too. He's not the one to "take one for the team." For that you ask Simmons.
Grif rocks.

"Nooooooo! No! No! Noooooo!"
#2: Kabuse said at 2006-03-17 6:51AM:


Second paragraph - "He also never ever took care of his body." This might just be me, but it'd sound better if it was, "He has also never really taken care of his body." or something simliar. Having 'never ever took' sounds like a double negative or something.

This could just be me, like I said. I'm enjoying these, though, keep up the amazing work.
#3: MongooseGuy4 said at 2007-06-15 10:10PM:

Comment 1

Grif rocks!
#4: IMADIPSHIT said at 2008-09-2 8:53PM:

Grif is now a Sgt.

Grif is now a Sgt.
#5: paxicide77 said at 2008-11-10 1:03AM:


I was right! Grif isn't fat,he's just lazy!
#6: Coffeeh said at 2008-11-30 10:37PM:

I think Grif is from Hawaii.

'cause that would fucking ROCK.
#7: Denim said at 2009-01-2 11:16PM:

Grif is from Hawaii

He was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Also, because the medic Doc was ejected from the Red Army, Grif was the first draftee in 400 years.

Also, yeah, he's not fat. Smoking makes you lose weight, so he'd be somewhere in the middle.
#8: clone80 said at 2010-08-12 8:44AM:

love him

He is just like me lazy and always ask if i can don't do anything haha love him
#9: dragonpie47 said at 2010-12-6 4:41PM:

He's not lazy

Just motivationally challenged. Like me. And a bunch of other people too.

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