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Character Bios - Red vs Blue

Red Vs Blue's Donut with Pink Armor
Red Vs Blue's Donut in his shiny new Halo 2 armor
Name:Private Franklin Delano Donut
Red when he first arrived,
pink from episode 16 onward
Current Status:Unknown

He's the red team's rookie.  He grew up in Iowa, and led a very simple life before joining the marines.  When he was born, his parents had high hopes for his future, even naming him after a former President of the United States of America: Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  They must have figured Mexico was going to invade, and insisted he take 4 years of Spanish lessons in high school as well.

While at High School he always excelled at everything he did, and his classmates unanimously voted him "Most Likely To Be Fabulous" based on his consistently superior performance.  Realising the irony of his classmates choosing the word "fabulous" to describe his future, he spent his spare time writing irresponsibly gay Harry Potter fan fiction, to see what would happen.  Somehow, nobody got the joke.

When he first came to Blood Gulch, he had no idea what he was in for, but he was ready for it none the less.  He thought he was there to fight aliens, when in fact it was all to face down a bunch of blue guys.  Still, no matter why he was there, he was set on doing the best job he could, to make his parents proud.

He came to the Gulch fresh out of military school.  He still had the standard issue red armor and everything.  He even had a pretty good head on his shoulders.  He was also an absolute chauvinist, believing firmly that men are superior to women.  For some reason he figured learning Spanish would aid him in his chauvinistic goals which is why he let his parents talk him in to taking it.  It wasn't uncommon to find him flexing while practicing conjugating verbs.  The pinnacle of manliness that he was, he came to the military with high hopes...


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Comments (1-4 of 4)
#1: Kabuse said at 2006-03-17 6:58AM:


"After being left in Blood Gulch with an intelligent tank as everyone else pursued the psychotic A.I. and the doctor it had posessed, Donut was guided by Simmons through the radio Tex was inhabiting on how to reprogram the Red base's teleporter to take everyone to Sidewinder, where Church exploded and destroyed the present. "

I lost you at the Tex part. It's a really long sentence, is there any way to make it into two?
#2: iskate715 said at 2008-03-31 5:46PM:


"Looks like the red team has a girl." It's not pink! it's light red....
#3: Aryam said at 2009-01-5 11:59AM:

I <3 Donut!

I think the Red Team and that Canyon made him go crazy. He was so innocent in the beginning...
#4: dragonpie47 said at 2010-12-6 4:44PM:

I dont think...

Donut was a chauvinist...
That would be wrong in like 8 ways.

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