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Red Vs Blue's Command
Current Status:Bored and Annoyed

The voice of Command belongs to a woman who was born in Maine, and raised in New York City. Through her interactions with the other school children she learned that as long as she was careful about it, she could be kind of a bitch and get her way.

She never really excelled in school, and went from high school directly in to a position as a phone company operator. While working there she met a man at the coffee shop across the street who was an advisor to the Marines. Despite having this job, he didn't carry himself with any kind of real confidence, and when they were married she ended up wearing the pants.

In marriage she grew accustomed to having all her questions and commands responded to immediately, and started becoming very bored when things didn't happen for her quickly. Finally she got fed up with him, and filed for divorce, and totally cleaned him out.

With her new money she quit her job and started tooling around doing whatever came to mind, but she somehow found she missed the daily grind. Not ready to settle for a boring operator job again, she applied for and received a position at Marine Command, where she basically does the same job but with different people. Now she's bitchy, short-tempered, and has a register of active Freelancers at her disposal which she can use to call people up and bitch at them.

Also she's a prostitute in her spare time.


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#1: EmeliaD said at 2010-09-26 8:38PM:


Well, it seems Church was right after all.
There is no 11 you fucking whore!

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