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Red Vs Blue's Medical Officer DuFresne
Red Vs Blue's Medical Officer DuFresne in his shiny new Halo 2 armor
Name:Medical Officer Frank DuFresne (Doc)
Current Status:Alive ...somewhere

Mr. DuFresne was raised by hippies; no two ways about it.  He was taught the art of Feng Shui, and still carries motivational posters around with him of small cats in cruel situations that would have PETA jumping up and down.  He grew up in southern Louisiana, and was brought up to believe in peace and love.  As a result of his unique upbringing, he is now a devout pacifist.

Being raised in peace, he didn't believe in competition.  In high school, the only athletic competitions that interested him were those within the realm of Track & Field, because they are not directly competitive in any way at all.  Eventually his ingrained belief in helping people led him to Medical School at Jamaica State, based largely on the first part of the Hypocratic Oath: Thou shalt do no harm.

Unfortunately, he wasn't a very good student.  Part of being raised by hippies is growing to love various mind enhancing drugs, and it's sort of difficult to do well in school when you're too stoned to see.  He made a vested effort to clean up his act near the end, but it just wasn't enough.  Ultimately, Frank DuFresne failed out of Medical School.  Shortly after receiving his walking papers from the University, a head hunter at the University of Jamaica approached him, but after his time spent at State he had already decided he wouldn't be caught dead on that campus.

The sudden realisation that he might never be able to practice medicine hit DuFresne hard.  He fought against bouts of depression and fatigue, and was just about to surrender to his morbid urges when he was suddenly contacted by Vic at Blue Command to service the troops.

With a renewed devotion to his craft, he went off for a crash course given by the military medical personnel, and received his new title: Medic.  Almost immediately after graduating from his one week course, he was sent to Blood Gulch to service both the blues and the reds, due to low funding.

DuFresne would have had a much better time in the canyon if it weren't for his hippie upbringing.  It turns out nobody in Blood Gulch was particularly responsive to his timid, careful demeanor, and he once again found himself with no friends.  Typical.


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#1: TomTThomson said at 2005-12-6 8:35PM:


I'm remembering Burnie saying that Doc's first name hasn't been said yet so where did Frank come from?
#2: Kabuse said at 2006-03-17 7:30AM:


Paragraph four, realization.

Second to last paragraph - "...DuFresne can do little more than object, as his peaceful nature remains in tact..." Should be intact.

Also, since episode 73 (I think) we know that he is indeed alive. I'd also like to point out that you cannot leave comments for the Robot Army and Cpt. Flowers. The option doesn't exist for some odd reason.
#3: kingzak13 said at 2010-06-1 7:46AM:

docs return

doc comes back in the new series revelation

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