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Red Vs Blue's AI O'Malley
Name:O'Malley (Omega)
Whatever colour his host body wears
Current Status:Unknown

O'Malley is a homocidal Artificial Intelligence that was originally named Omega back at the research station.  It moves between hosts via radio frequencies.  A few years ago, it was implanted in to the armor of a young marine recruit named Tex.  The aggressive intelligence of O'Malley would work with Tex's natural aggression, making her one of the most feared mercenaries in the known galaxy.

Regardless of which person's A.I. slot O'Malley occupies, he invariably takes over their personality in order to further his own goals.  Being an A.I., though, the most he can do is to bring out the anger and rage that is already inherent in the person he's with.  This means his meanness manifests in different ways based on who he's in, but his goal is always the same: try to take over the world!


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#1: kingzak13 said at 2010-06-1 7:48AM:


you actually get to see O'malley when they go inside cabooses head

he looks just like tex

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