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Red Vs Blue's Sister, Grif's Sister
Name:Sister (buy Season 5 for her real name)
Current Status:Probably blitzed out of her skull

Grif's Sister, like Grif, grew up in a wealthy family.  While Dexter got the brains, she got the looks and athletic ability, as well as all of the adventuristic nature.  Gifted with ridiculous amounts of flexibility and an impressive chest, her only physical defect was being born colour-blind.

Not wanting to let a single physical shortcoming hold her back, it didn't take her long at all to start experimenting sexually.  By the time she reached Grade 11 she'd failed 4 grades, had 5 abortions, joined the cheerleading squad 3 times as a quick way to score Morphine and Meth, and been kicked off of the cheerleading squad 3 times for cheering for the wrong team.

It didn't help her cause any that when she was but little her Mother ran away to the circus to be the bearded fat lady, and with her Dad always away on business it fell to her older brother to take care of her.  The only problem with that arrangement was that Dexter was incredibly lazy and didn't really do much to try to stop her from experimenting with drugs or people, and her bad habits soon spiralled out of control.

By the time she finally graduated high school she'd gotten up to 7 abortions, slept with dozens of guys and dozens of girls, learned a new ping pong ball trick, and accidentally overdosed on Aspirin twice.  She'd found the rave scene by the time she turned 19, and unsurprisingly has had to get rid of more sexually transmitted diseases than most people even know exist.

In an effort to stop her decline to the disease of crackwhoreism, her Dad finally sent her to join the military to follow in her brother's footsteps.  Quickly growing bored of training after only a few short minutes, she found out a ship was going to a secluded outpost with no parental supervision and slept with all seventeen people she needed to (one of whom gave her something itchy) in order to be the only person on board the ship.  Somehow, it just happened to be going to where her brother was stationed.


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Comments (1-6 of 6)
#1: Aryam said at 2009-01-5 12:03PM:

Carzy sis!

Yeah!... Wait, what?
#2: harvester99 said at 2009-09-11 9:39PM:

maby crazy but who gives a sht

for one why not bring her back? and 2 she was so fricken awsome although i am stuck in between which one is better her or tucker oh and doc got very lucky and now i want him dead
#3: JohnStephen said at 2010-08-12 9:01AM:

Yeah... Wait, what?!

HhHer status should be changed to: dead. She was killed by Lopez. (\"I killed the woman in the base\"- Lopez). If annything had changed since I posted, sorry!
#4: JohnStephen said at 2010-08-12 9:04AM:


Her name is Kaikaina Grif, just to spare you buying season 5... Or looking at RvB wiki... Or regular wiki... Or asking anybody.
#5: MusicGamer said at 2010-09-15 12:41PM:


About her forgot about what Grif said about her:

"Listen, once when we were kids, we went ice skating, and she fell through the ice. She was under there for three hours, and when they pulled her out, not only was she still alive, she was pregnant. If you can explain that to me, I'll believe you when you tell me she's dead."

I'm with Grif on this one. If someone can explain this one to me in a way that makes sense, then I'll believe that Sister's dead.
#6: Cuboose said at 2015-12-10 6:52PM:


You guy to bring that one nice person lady back i like cheese puffs

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