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Red Vs Blue's Crouchosaurus Alien
Name:The Alien
Current Status:Deceased

The alien was born on the planet Garwen, and is the last of its race.  Many thousands of years ago, its people and those that built the great machine Gary engaged in chemical warfare, and both sides were annihilated.  Only a handful of its species survived, and most died shortly thereafter due to latent poison and radiation.

Somehow, though, this particular being was special.  Rather than being killed by the mutagens and radiation, its body was changed and mutated.  The upper and lower jaws began protruding forward, and the teeth became more pronounced.  The arms extended, and the upper body became so strong that its back could no longer hold it upright, and it now must crouch just to remain standing.  Truly, it is a hideous sight.

However, it clearly didn't always look this way.  Back in the inception of its species, the Garwenians looked very similar to humans, hence the confusion in Gary's processor when confronted by Church.  Much to the alien's dismay, it was granted unnaturally long life as well, a practical infinity of time in which to stew over the extinction of the rest of its species.

Unfortunately for everyone else, as its rage grew so did its stench.  After being alive and alone for thousands of years, it no longer cared about bathing, and let it slip by the wayside.  When it finally found a working ship in which to travel to the planet of its race's destroyers, it took advantage of the little ship and flew halfway across the Galaxy to get there.  Had it not landed in the ocean, it would still have stunk after landing.

Where once there was an entire species, lavish with art and music, there now is just one being, demented and deformed, driven to only one goal: to put an end to the species left it in permanent solitude.


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#1: Kabuse said at 2006-03-17 7:59AM:


a) You still haven't added Gary in to the section.

b) Are you ever going to update this with the fact that Wyoming killed Crunchbite?

c) Comments are disable for The Great Weapon.
#2: metaslugx said at 2006-03-28 12:29PM:


Too bad he's dead, this bios could use updating because season four is about too end

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