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Red Vs Blue's Battle Creek Blues
Name:The Battle Creek Blues
Current Status:Deceased ...many times over

Sometimes, Vic has entirely too much influence over the happenings of Blue Command.  One day he was passing around his special brownies, when he managed to convince everyone else at Blue Command to inject half a dozen soldiers with a brand new drug and drop them in Battle Creek, just to see what would happen.  The results were found to be most amusing.

It turns out they gave their soldiers the wrong drug.  Instead of the anti-wrinkle agent, they received an insanely high dose of a very potent anti-depressant.  This was how Blue Command learned what happens when you give in to one of Vic's ideas.  However, what was witnessed coming from Battle Creek after the troops were dropped off was something worth taking note of.

Nobody had ever taken this particular drug in such high quantities as the six "chosen" soldiers of Battle Creek, and some very interesting effects were revealed from the mistaken experiment.  Everyone seemed really optimistic for some reason, and full of a seemingly endless supply of energy.  One slightly frightening side-effect was revealed as well: Reveille could bring them back from the dead.

That's right, as long as someone's there to play Reveille, they need not ever die.  The General at Blue Command immediately realised the problem with this situation, and recalled the drug for immediate destruction.  To this day, the only remaining trace of the drug is within the six unlucky soldiers in to whom it was injected, locked in an endless battle with a Red army in surprisingly similar circumstances.  All anyone can do now is watch the perpetual carnage, and wait for that damn trumpet player to get hit by a stray bullet.


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#1: Kabuse said at 2006-03-17 7:19AM:


Once again, the word realized is misspelled. Last paragraph.

I'd also like to know where one would go around aquiring some of these brownies, they sound delicious.

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