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Red Vs Blue's Captain Butch Flowers
Name:Captain Butch Flowers
Current Status:Deceased

Captain Flowers was born in a hospital in New York City, in Queens.  His parents immediately knew there was something strange about him, and very quickly changed the name they were going to give him from Kyle to Butch.  After all, it's not every day a baby is born with a pink bow around its head and an Aspirin allergy.

His dad did everything he could to make sure he had a balanced upbringing.  He taught Butch all about teamwork and fair play, but also instructed him in the art of death.  By age 8, Butch was able to murder bums in alleys with his bare hands.  Being an instrument of death wasn't really what he was passionate about though; he wanted to work in Interior Design.

By the time he was 15, Butch had figured out his classmates and friends weren't taking too kindly to his flambouyant style.  He'd wear solid pastel color shirts to school with pink pants, and get teased endlessly for it.  As such, he quickly learned to hide his true nature as best he could, holding it all in.  He managed to conceal everything except for one aspect of his life: his voice.  No matter what he did, he never lost that smooth dulset voice of his.

As the years rolled on, Butch began to suffer mentally from hiding his true self from everybody around him.  Once at a party he simply stripped naked and danced in the fruit punch, just for some sort of release.  Thinking quickly, his father remembered what he'd taught him, and enrolled him in the Spartan Forces.

For five years Flowers struggled in the marines until finally, one day, he just snapped.  Unable to contain himself any longer, he broke in to his commanding officer's room and redecorated the whole place.  When he was almost finished, his CO walked in and saw what he was doing.  Caught in the act, Flowers blushed and made the worst excuse in military history, so bad that I don't even dare reprint it here.  For his lunacy, he was immediately promoted and shipped off to Blood Gulch to command forces as competent as he was.

In this new situation, he fell back on what he knew.  He began expressing himself more, and made a point of ensuring his subordinates always felt free to speak their minds.


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#2: EmeliaD said at 2010-09-26 9:12PM:

Armor color

If Butch is Teal, how can Tucker be Aqua? (Since tucker got his armor from flowers)
#3: EmeliaD said at 2010-09-26 9:12PM:

Armor color

If Butch is Teal, how can Tucker be Aqua? (Since tucker got his armor from flowers)

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