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Red Vs Blue's Private Jones
Current Status:Deceased

Jones is English. I don't know much about England, so I can't really write anything useful here.


Oh, fine, I'll give it a shot. Sheesh.

Jones grew up drinking tea and eating crumpets. His favourite sayings as a child were "pip pip" and "cheerio." One day while driving on the wrong side of the road with bad teeth he decided to move to America, so he got in his amphibious automobile with hidden missiles and ejection seats and drove across the Atlantic Ocean, pursued by a man with metal teeth who calls himself "Jaws."

When he arrived in America and asked people where the pub was, people found his funny way of pronouncing words irritating, and instead directed him to the Marine enlistment office. They tired of him adding unnecessary "U"s to words, and assigned him to Lieutenant Miller's squadron because they thought it would be funny.


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#1: Zahrah said at 2008-11-21 2:53PM:

That's awesome

One of my favorite bios so far. <3
#2: Wazilla said at 2009-10-6 9:35PM:


My name is Jones, lol
#3: Delta8765 said at 2010-06-2 2:02PM:


the name is joannes witch can sound like jones but this leader of blue team doesnt know and called him jo annes

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