Character Bios - The Strangerhood

The Strangerhood's Dr. Chalmers
Name:Dr. Chalmers
Color taken from:Vest

Like most people, Chalmers started out as a child. Over time, he grew up. Then he grew old. Somewhere in the middle he spent some time as a cowboy gigolo in the South, but we're not supposed to talk about that.

Growing up in the South and poor, he was taught not to cuss, and that it is everyone's job to contribute, from the Grandparents right down to the Toddlers, and even the pets who would haul things from place to place. Trying to spin their poverty as a good thing, his parents demonized technology as unnecessary and extravagant.

The one piece of technology he embraced with his family was the refrigerator, because it makes food last longer, and when you have no money you need everything to last as long as it can. Unfortunately the fridge wasn't able to save everything as well as they had hoped, and some bad milk and cheese made Chalmers lactose intolerant. Also he's never had a puppy.


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