Character Bios - The Strangerhood

The Strangerhood's Dutchmiller
Name:"Dickie" Dutchmiller
Color taken from:Suit

Dutchmiller hs a rare neurological disease that makes him think he can do everything, and well. Not just the normal amount of confidence that most people have, either; where most would look at something and say "I could do that" without being dumb enough to try, Dutch will don the cape and charge in guns blazing. The same disorder that causes him this weirdness also grants him incredible confidence, such that he never questions anything he decides to do.

When he was very young his parents took him to Osaka, Japan, where he learned the local customs by immersion. He also secretly took quickchange lessons his parents didn't know about, and this uncommon combination of hobbies and his disorder prevented him from developing any kind of social sense, to the point of being considered by most to be no more than an oblivious moron with charm, who always seems to have things go right for him.


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