Character Bios - The Strangerhood

The Strangerhood's Griggs
Color taken from:Facepaint

Griggs was taught to rebel, even at an early age. When he was just 3 he set fire to his school's Principal, and managed to get off from his punishment by claiming it was all a conspiracy against him. Conspiracy claims served him well, until eventually he started to believe his own crap, right down to thinking he has to plot against the Government to keep them from taking over the world.

All this conspiracy talk kept him as a perpetual outsider, and Griggs became an uncomfortable friend of loneliness. Always the outcast, his inner monologue only further fed his growing mania until he started believing he had to be hidden from everyone at all times, and started wearing jungle camo makeup at all times.

He also donates generously to the United Negro College Fund.


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#1: metaslugx said at 2005-12-4 2:10PM:


go grigs!

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