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The Strangerhood's Laugh Track
Name:Laugh Track
Color taken from:The aether's canned laughter. And a bit part, at that.

Now, the guy who triggers the canned laughter, is he ever messed up! First he went from foster home to foster home, always being relocated exactly 100 days after being placed, because the foster parents mysteriously vanished without a trace.

When he was 18 he rode the rails all over the United States, killing hobos and taking their clothes and money, but never their hats or socks. Then he snuck aboard a cruise ship bound for Madrid, but took control of it and steered it toward the Cape of Good Hope, but before he could reach the treacherous waters therein he ran the ship aground in Brazil and started molesting the local monkeys.

When he finally grew tired of that, or more accurately when the authorities were within striking distance, he entered a monastery and repented of his murders. While there he discovered that if you mix human semen with that of elephants, mice, and a touch of goat's blood, plus the right combination of spices and a pinch of Sodium Hydroxide, the resulting concoction has no odour or flavour but will cause everyone who consumes it to projectile vomit while peeing blood and crapping phlegm.

Before the other monks could pin the Festival of Bodily Ejections on him, he snuck away in to the woods and crossed back in to the States, and took up a position at the head of a lucrative fake charity whose stated purpose is the protection of the emotional stability of sexually abused primates in Brazil. When the Brazilian authorities finally connected the dots, he left with his millions of dollars and vanished from the public eye, quietly becoming but a humble laugh track technician.


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