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The Strangerhood's Evil Tobar
Name:Evil Tobar
Color taken from:Hair

Evil Tobar is Tovar's evil twin. He got his start killing animals at the age of two weeks, when he strangled a chihuahua. By the time he was seven months old it was clear to his parents that he was pure evil, and they gave him up for adoption by bear teeth in the wilderness.

Unfortunately, Evil Tobar was strong and evil enough by then to wrestle the bear and defeat it. He then hollowed it out and turned its empty body in to a house, where he lived for 20 years while plotting the demise of all around him.

During his evil studies, Evil Tobar learned that often the best way to enact your evil means is through manipulation and deviousness rather than through direct means, so he began practicing those skills. He would take hostages and pit them against each other in what they believed would lead the victor to freedom, but in the end would just change how they were to die. When he finally bored of those games, he moved in to the corporate world, where his evilness was oddly accepted as normal.

Yai, he is Evil Tobar.


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