Character Bios - The Strangerhood

The Strangerhood's Fish, Spike and Sheila
Name:Spike and Sheila
Color taken from:Water Filter

Spike and Sheila are not merely fish, as some people would have you believe. In fact, before arriving in the Strangerhood they were humans, and were very close to their ultimate goal of world domination.

They had been meticulously positioning their puppets as the leaders of every nation on the planet, and when they controlled every nation's ruler they were going to have all the countries unanimously join the World Earth Organization, chaired by them both. They would then propose that all nations hand over administrative control to the WEO, and when all the leaders agreed, they would control the entire planet.

It was a brave plan, existing under but a single ideal: to have every country attack every other country while they pilfered all their gold stockpiles. And if they are ever transformed back in to humans they're going to pick right up where they left off.

Nobody knows how or why they were turned in to fish during the transportation process, but they're hoping that whatever caused them to transform one way will transform them back when the process is reversed.


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