Character Bios - PANICS

PANIC's Chief
Weapon:Sub-Machine Gun

Bravo Leader was a privileged child, raised to believe he deserved everything from everybody.  He was sent to expensive schools, and grew up wanting to join the military.  Nobody quite knows how he got accepted, though, because he spent so much time whining about how tough it was to get in.  Most people felt he had no place in the military at all.

However, unlike some he persevered and passed the entrance tests, only to whine some more about how someone as clearly superior to everyone else as he could possibly not be in command of a unit somewhere.  Just to shut him up, command put him in charge of Bravo Squad.  After all, if he got mauled to death by a ghost they wouldn't have to explain anything.


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#1: andrew2 said at 2005-11-15 8:11AM:

Priveleged Child...

Man, I never knew he went through that...Stupid whiny priveleged kid!

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