Character Bios - PANICS

PANIC's Bravo 1
Name:Bravo 1
Weapon:Assault Rifle

Bravo 1 has always been a gullible fool.  The kind of guy who you could yell "Look, a decoy!" at and he'd fall for it.  He was always talked about in high school though, and they say there's no such thing as bad publicity, so at least he was well known.

Then he felt like capitalizing on his 'fame' by joining the military.  When they assigned him to a squad designed to take care of ghosts, he didn't think twice before leaping headlong in to action.  He showed so much enthusiasm, in fact, that he was assigned to recon.  Over time, however, he learned to be a bit more skeptical about things like ghosts.

After all, there's no way they could really exist, right?


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