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PANIC's Bravo 3
Name:Bravo 3
Weapon:Big Fucking Shotgun

Bravo 3 is the baddest mother fucker on the face of the Earth.  He's tall, big, muscley, and carries a gun so big it could split you in twelve.  Unfortunately, over time he's also forgotten most of what he knows.

You see, because he's so huge he spent a lot of time as a youth earning money by fighting people.  Or by fighting bears, and similarly sized animals.  In fact, after joining Bravo Squad he took a blow to the head so bad that he actually forgot his name.  Bravo Leader calls him Bravo 3, so as far as he's concerned that's his name.  Just don't mess with him, or he'll murder your ass.



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Comments (1-2 of 2)
#1: killthem said at 2005-11-12 7:24PM:

The gas-mask guy.

Pretty good. Good description of my favorite character.
#2: Crestfallen said at 2005-11-18 7:06PM:


deep voiced mother trucker!

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