Character Bios - PANICS

PANIC's Frank
Weapon:Combat Rifle

Frank was a regular boy, raised in a regular way.  He went to public schools, graduated college somewhere in the middle of his class, and went out in the world to make his rent with a low paying job.  A few short years later he decided he wanted more out of life, but couldn't quite decide what he wanted that more to be, so he joined the military.

He was clearly a bit naive, and very unworldly.  Unfortunately for him the recruiting officer was either manic or stoned when he walked in to the office, because he immediately signed Frank up for Bravo Squad for when he finished his training.  Considering that's not supposed to even be possible, it was probably a mixture of both maladies.

Regardless, he is now the rookie for Ghost Squad.  He doesn't know anything about anything, at least not about anything relevant to the team.  Hopefully he won't die before he learns anything useful.


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