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1-800-Magic's Troll 1
Name:Troll 1
From Right Hand

Troll 1 is Troll 2's older brother. And those are really their names; their parents couldn't think of anything clever to name them, so they just named them based on the order in which they came out. For what it's worth, Troll 17 is a very nice girl indeed.

Troll 1 grew up loving music, and wanted to be a musician himself. Unfortunately, after a tragic violin accident in which he shattered every bone in his left hand, that dream perished along with his sense of humour. After undergoing a series of rigorous and painful surgeries to repair his hand, he really wanted to kill something and so enlisted in the army. By the time he reached his area of deployment the urge had left him, but it was too late to go back.


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