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1-800-Magic's Troll 2
Name:Troll 2
From Right Shoulder

Troll 2 is Troll 1's younger brother. For details on their family, see Troll 1's bio. Unlike Troll 1, Troll 2 was always drawn to the order and structure of academia. As soon as he could, he became a professor at the local University, where his career thrived. After not too long, though, he became bored with life in the Ivory Tower, because he wasn't being challenged at all any more. When his brother Troll 1 enlisted, Troll 2 went right along with him in the hope that the order and structure of the military would work well with the order and structure he was already familiar with. It didn't take long for him to figure out things in the military aren't as practical as he would have liked, and so has taken it upon himself to try to fix that problem.


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