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1-800-Magic's Bidderman
Name:Michael Bidderman
From Vest

Bidderman was raised Rastafarian in a WASP community. He learned at an early age that the corn rows his parents insisted he keep visible at all times could be disguised with a bandana or a golf visor, and as such avoided being beaten up in school... too much. While in school he fell in love with a girl named Erika Ibanez, who later went on to fame and fortune as a movie star. They dated for a while, but she dumped him when she found out Rastafarianism doesn't actually make your penis thicker, as the school textbooks had led her to believe.

In a misguided attempt to win her back, Bidderman carved her initials in to a piece of metal which he wears at all times. When that failed he joined the army, on the assumption that girls like bad boys and being in the army makes you dangerous. It was this irrational love of a woman who has entered the porn industry that the Tree tapped in to in its attempt to seduce him.


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