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1-800-Magic's Dombrowski (Tech Support)
From Shirt

Dombrowski grew up on the mean streets of New York. In a freak occurrance he was actually born at the exact center of New York City, which although having no functional effect on his upbringing is an interesting little piece of trivia. Having grown up in NYC, though, he gained a certain toughness in his manner of handling people, along with a set of personal ethics that basically revolves around three little words:

Don't Trust Anybody

This led him to found Dombrowski Technical Assistance (DTA), an operation he owns and operates by himself because employees require a certain measure of trust. In an effort to make sure he never relies on what any other person has to say, he's managed to single-handedly create a support system that analyzes the problems the caller is experiencing remotely. Since the system was designed by him, the information it presents is, by extension, provided by him, which makes it trustworthy.

Dombrowski will die alone.


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