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1-800-Magic's Tree
Name:Frank (sort of)
From Glowing Radiance

The Tree is a magical creature from another plain of existence. For him (and make no mistake, it is a him), the use and sharing of magic is a sexual experience, and he is a complete and total whore. Like a pedophile with candy, he lures people in to his trap by promising them they have "essence" which will help them master the magical arts. He's also married, so in order to ensure his wife never finds out what he does while she's at home he tells people his name is Frank. His real name is unpronouncable with only one tongue.

A note on magic: Magic has a distinctive smell based on the likes and dislikes of the person or creature using it, and influenced by the likes and dislikes of the person or creature who brings out the magical ability in you. The Tree has always had an unexplained fondness for swine, so its magic and the magic of its disciples smells like bacon.


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