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1-800-Magic's Blue Beast
Name:Blue Beast
From Its Arm

The Blue Beast is a fucking monster that tears things limb from limb. That makes it ridiculously cool. It is also very much a family man, with a refined taste for music, art, and steak. It just so happens that it was in the middle of sharing a family dinner when it was rudely interrupted by being summoned to a place it had never asked to go. Enraged at having been taken from its family dinner, it attacked the closest being in an effort to exact retribution. The rest, as they say, is history.


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#1: Dragonbanez said at 2008-07-6 11:58PM:


You've won at life Mr. Dimono.
#2: jakedude236 said at 2008-12-14 11:50PM:


lol, epic!

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