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Red Vs Blue's Red Ramp
Name:The Red Ramp
Current Status:Slopey

Once upon a time, there was a shapeless pile of cement.  Well... okay, it was shaped like a pile.  Thanks to some brilliant visionaries with an uncanny knack for planning ahead, the pile of cement was loved and cared for, and it eventually began to form itself in to something new and useful.  Then, some moron with a shovel came along and destroyed it, and all that was left was a stupid ramp.

However, not to be discouraged, the people who had originally poured the pile continued to love and care for it.  They gave it the occasional drink of water, and it happily changed color in response.  It wasn't very long at all until someone from Red Command got in touch with the people caring for the ramp, asking for help.

It seems they were building a base in Blood Gulch, for no immediately discernable reason, and they were in need of just such a ramp.  The ramp's caregivers happily volunteered their baby for the position, after checking with the ramp to make sure it was okay.  With the ramp's go-ahead, it was air-lifted on to a transport ship, and quickly installed.

The ramp was very happy when the Reds arrived, because they were immediately finding use for it.  On a daily basis they would run up and down the ramp, or run slowly on it.  In exchange for being made so useful, the ramp offered its services as protector as well, offering the Reds safety and shelter whenever they needed it.  It was truly a symbiotic relationship.

What's in store for the ever-helpful ramp of the Reds?  Only the Future knows...


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Comments (1-6 of 6)
#1: NotABluetard said at 2005-11-12 11:47PM:

That's hilarious!

I saw the Teleporter was on Blue team's list, but I didn't expect to see the Red Ramp here!
#2: trumpeteer said at 2006-05-31 6:51PM:

Amazing're just a genious, aren't you?
#3: kahbuse said at 2007-03-12 1:12AM:


Thats great. And out of all people to show in a shot next to the ramp, you have Griff. He alone cared for and loved Ramp enough to stay behind and guard it while Simmons and Sarge left it for dead.
#4: Dr_Indigo said at 2007-07-8 6:05PM:

what the hell?

there's a character bio about the ramp? nice idea
#5: bloody_grunt said at 2007-08-30 11:23PM:


technically, didn't the blue base have a ramp too? and didn't red base have a teleporter as well?
#6: paxicide77 said at 2008-11-11 1:38AM:


Griff liked skateboarding that's why theres a ramp but he got injured....ouch

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