About Our BBCode

What you can do here

The bbCode interface may look similar to the one on roosterteeth.com, but I assure you this one is far more complex.  Here is a quick rundown of what you can do here.  Items marked with * are only available here.

Basic Functions

  • All tags case insensitive. Even [liNK] will work
  • [b]Bold text[/b]
  • [i]Italicized text[/i]
  • [u]Underlined text[/u]
  • [s]Strikethrough text[/s]
  • [link]http://www.roostertooths.com[/link] => www.roostertooths.com
  • [link=http://www.roostertooths.com]text[/link] => text
  • [url]http://www.roostertooths.com[/url] => www.roostertooths.com
  • [url=http://www.roostertooths.com]text[/url] => text
  • [url] and [link] are fully interchangable
  • http://www.roostertooths.com => www.roostertooths.com
  • https://www.roostertooths.com => www.roostertooths.com
  • ftp://www.roostertooths.com => ftp://www.roostertooths.com
  • * noreply@roostertooths.com => noreply@roostertooths.com
  • [img]imageurl[/img] => same as roosterteeth.com
  • * [link=...][img]too large an image[/img][/link] => Your link is preserved
  • * [link][img]imageurl[/img][/link] => A link to the image, which displays normally

Advanced Functions

[code][/code] offers preformatted fixed-width text. Spaces are spaces, and everything's the same width, so if you want to make a table out of ascii characters you can. The checkbox under the row of tag buttons decides whether you want bbcode inside [code] tags to be parsed, or remain as text. Test it with a bold tag to see what I mean. If you nest [code] tags, the parser will actually figure out how deep you went and make sure it closes the right one. If there are trailing [/code] tags, it includes them as well, and if there aren't enough [/code] tags it just takes the last one.

* [li][/li] offers formatted lists. On their own they produce this output:

  • first item
  • second item
  • However, if you wrap all your [li][/li] in one [ul][/ul] you get this:

    • firstitem
    • second item

    Also, if you wrap them in a [ol][/ol] instead you get this:

    1. first item
    2. second item

    * If you select any text anywhere on the screen and press the [quote] button, you will be prompted for the source of the quote. Then the selected text will appear in the textarea as [quote=source]text[/quote] at your current cursor position.  If you don't select any text, it will behave as any other tag, inserting the appropriate tag at the end of the textarea.

    * If you want to submit a comment that only site staff can read, the checkbox underneath the textarea will let you do that.

    Miscellaneous Cool Stuff

    * When you use a bbCode button to insert a tag, the cursor moves to the end of the textarea and the scrollbars go there as well so you can see where you are.

    * If you want to insert bbCode tags in a url, such as [link]http://[b]roostertooths[/b].[u]com[/u][/link], the tags will be parsed in the displayed text but removed from the link.

    * To prevent crashing in Firefox 1.0.x only the first 5 [quote] tags and 5 [code] tags will be parsed. The rest will be stripped from your text.

    Why no smilies?

    This somehow doesn't seem like a site where smilies would be all that useful.  It's not a discussion site, it's a site where you review and comment on static content.  If/when the site grows in to more than that, I have a smiley package ready for inclusion.