Strangerhood Rendering Errors

The Sims is a different type of game than Halo. As such, it was almost inevitable that there would be some sort of editing or rendering errors in The Strangerhood. While not affecting the videos in any relevant way, they are nonetheless interesting to keep track of as pieces of Strangerhood trivia. Here is a list of them. Click on a picture for a larger version of it.

The Trailer

plumbob over Dutchmiller in trailerAs Dutchmiller enters the screen door to his house, you can briefly see the bottom of the green plumbob over his head.

thought bubble behind Wade in trailerAs Wade is standing there, staring vacantly in to space as people move around behind him in fast motion, you can see several thought bubbles over the other characters' heads behind him.

Episode 1

no ceiling rendered in episode 1While Dr. Chalmers is talking with Wade and Sam, the ceiling of Wade and Sam's house suddenly disappears in this shot. Thanks to Garth for finding this.

Episode 2

plumbob over Tovar in episode 2As Tovar runs past Sam and Dr. Chalmers in to the living room, you can see the plumbob over his head.

Episode 4

cursor in episode 4When Dr. Chalmers starts turning around to enter the kitchen to compete in Mr. Mystery's bizarre grilled cheese sandwich competition, you can briefly see the blue cursor on his vest.

white arrow near Chalmers in episode 4When Catherine is saying that she'll have to skip the eating part of the grilled cheese competition because of the carbs, you can see the white cursor enter to the right of Dr. Chalmers and then leave.

Episode 10

griggs angel hand in episode 10When the Angel and Devil on Griggs' right shoulder (stage left) are dancing, you can see the Angel's hand in front of Griggs' face as Griggs hangs his head down, even though the positioning of his body would mean the Angel's hand would have to be behind his head, not in front of it.


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