Who is your favourite member of the Blue team?
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#1: JTMitchell87 said at 2006-01-29 3:28PM:

Always has been Church
#2: comrade693 said at 2006-01-29 3:41PM:

Church simply rocks!
#3: suzukichic said at 2006-01-29 4:00PM:

I wanna have Church's baby!!
#4: Tarpit said at 2006-01-29 4:33PM:

Caboose. Shut up. I know it's cliche to love Caboose, but he's funny, damn it. Maybe that's why people like him. You never know...
#5: Crunchbite said at 2006-01-29 6:13PM:

Caboose may not be that bright (or smart, for that matter), but he's the funniest member of the Blue Team. So, don't even think about not voting for Caboose, damn it.
#6: Donut449 said at 2006-01-29 7:47PM:

CABOOSE ROCKS he can kill anyone at any time! And he can make it look like that he didn't mean to do it lol! JOIN THE CABOOSE ARMY!!! WOOT ROCK ON CABOOSE!!! MUAHAH CABOOSE PWNS ALL!! LIKE DONUT DOSE!!! AH! ok the end.....
#7: MaxDamage said at 2006-01-30 7:34AM:

caboose pwns all thats all i can say
#8: Pantophobia said at 2006-01-30 11:54AM:

Where's Captain Flowers? :-(
#9: jmikhael said at 2006-01-30 2:12PM:

Church is cool, yet Caboose is one of those unique characters that has certainly put RvB on the map (along with Donut... what the hell happened there?). I think Tucker is started to carve a niche as well. As for Tex... I think the only time I liked her inthe series was when Andy was grilling her: "I bet you haven't had your hands on a ball this big since your morning scratch!"
#10: wraith_7 said at 2006-01-30 4:32PM:

Caboose is the best thing since homestarrunner. Also Joel is the only RT person to give me a mod point. So it's doubly(word?) so.
#11: Ps2homie5 said at 2006-01-31 1:44PM:

Most definitely Caboose. I mean Church is cool and all. But he's kind of a d***. Especially the episode where they went to Hang 'Em High (Episode 30-33) I mean Caboose's mental image of Church. Hey a Homestar Runner reference sweet.
#12: killthem said at 2006-01-31 7:01PM:

I'd consider saying that Caboose would be the best character, although the teleporter can be funny too.
#13: trenten said at 2006-01-31 8:40PM:

all are great
#14: furbylord said at 2006-02-1 7:37PM:

Caboose could't hurt a fly, but he can team kill with a tank and a sniper rifle
#15: Kabuse said at 2006-02-1 8:47PM:

Caboose FTW.
#16: Azcal said at 2006-02-2 12:50AM:

Tucker - "Woman, you just lost all my respect"
#17: Lopez_55 said at 2006-02-2 9:55AM:

Teleporter all the way.
#18: CrimsonGhost said at 2006-02-2 1:35PM:

Wow, like no one likes tex... this is sad. BUT CABOOSE IS STILL THE BOMB-DIGGIDY!
#19: invaderfluge said at 2006-02-2 8:38PM:

"dude, women are like voltron; the more you can hook up, the better it gets."

Tucker OWNZ, yo.
#20: JoeAct said at 2006-02-3 4:19AM:

teleporter #1
#21: mandos said at 2006-02-3 12:28PM:

Caboose all the way!
#22: Kurt27 said at 2006-02-3 6:46PM:

Caboose,Caboose,Caboose. Always Caboose.Why go any other way? If you dont think "Sheila, come back to me. I made you a muffin!" Isnt funny. Something is wrong with you.
#23: Danzacool said at 2006-02-5 11:07PM:

Caboose is funny in a stupid way, but Church has always had some pretty good lines.
#24: Jambo51 said at 2006-02-6 6:34AM:

Ever noticed that the only character other than Tex who has succesfully killed someone is Caboose.

Are you sure that he's as stupid as he sounds?
#25: dtape said at 2006-02-7 12:25AM:

CABOOSE is simply the best and the funniest
#26: ilikeme42 said at 2006-02-7 12:33AM:

Church. All the way. I'm not saying Caboose isn't funny. But Caboose is only funny because he's stupid. I know lots of stupid people.
Church is sardonic and disdainful. And also apathetic and absurdly unlucky. Now that rocks. "Boo-ya!"

"Oh my god. I can't believe I actually died for this war."
#27: Ps2homie5 said at 2006-02-9 12:02AM:

#28: chacharat1 said at 2006-02-12 6:07PM:

*gasp* how could you not love Tex?
#29: JOKERmaniac said at 2006-02-25 7:16PM:

tex.. o yeah... how could u not vote for tex?
#30: Zita said at 2006-03-18 4:05PM:

I'd vote Caboose if this was still open. He's funny, it's just the facts, folks.

"Time isn't made out of lines! It is made out of circles. That is why clocks are round."

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