Who is your favourite inanimate object in Red vs Blue?
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#1: HacknKill said at 2006-02-7 12:48PM:

Tucker's rock was great
#2: AshamedGoril said at 2006-02-7 3:46PM:

#3: AshamedGoril said at 2006-02-7 3:47PM:

I personally think that Vic does not belong on The List.
#4: Crunchbite said at 2006-02-7 4:59PM:

Andy is the best thing ever, for a bomb. He's got a smart mouth(if only) to back up his insults. Andy rocks! (And Vic does not belong on this list)
#5: DiMono said at 2006-02-7 6:10PM:

When's the last time you saw Vic move more than his mouth? Andy's travelled further than Vic.
#6: fatguy2006 said at 2006-02-7 6:24PM:

this is a hard one i love them all.... except Tucker's rock *shudders*
#7: mj68murasala said at 2006-02-7 6:43PM:

Where's the wrench? GO WRENCH! ALL THE WAY TO STATE!
#8: Tarpit said at 2006-02-7 7:02PM:

Gary gets my vote. And I believe that Vic does belong on the list, because for all his intelligence counts for, he's not really living.
#9: caboose said at 2006-02-7 7:23PM:

I really could care less about any of these,but if I had to pick Tucker Rock RULES!!!!!!!!!CABOOSE RULES ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got Tree?!
#10: Donut449 said at 2006-02-7 11:48PM:

#11: killthem said at 2006-02-8 1:26PM:

Definitely has to be Tucker's rock.
#12: Exodisma said at 2006-02-8 11:00PM:

Totally the rock
#13: Pantophobia said at 2006-02-9 2:59AM:

Garry is better then all those other dirty shisnos.
#14: Crunchbite said at 2006-02-10 11:22AM:

Who the hell likes Tucker's rock?! I mean, it's just a stupid rock that saved Tucker's ass from Simmons and Grif. Nothing special about!... Right?
#15: Kabuse said at 2006-02-12 7:55PM:

The Great Weapon (simply because of how Gary says it).
#16: Cabooseizblu said at 2006-02-13 5:48PM:

honestly....does gary's civilization have more agit....agati....how ever you spell that word that means describing words other than GREAT!?!?!?!? and his knockknock jokes...suck!...and really who could like Tucker's rock? hell it's a frickin ROCK!!! the great weapon is a sword....the tree is a....uhhh tree...the ramp is a .....ramp the only other two things I actually like other than vic is the teleporter and andy....lord AND WHERE'S THE WRENCH AND SKULL?!?!?!?!?!?! and no I never won the spelling bee in grade school....hey what kin ya expect....I'm a Marine freelancer...I'm too busy killing people for green to study and learn!!!!
#17: soupierdragn said at 2006-02-13 6:55PM:

u should put the puma in here.
#18: mj68murasala said at 2006-02-13 8:12PM:

#19: jmikhael said at 2006-02-15 1:10PM:

Gary ushered the 'shizno' insult. What, I pray, is better than that?
#20: ilikeme42 said at 2006-02-18 7:27AM:

I have just one thing to say:
"Stay here and guard this cement ramp, because it's vital to our success."
"Oh, and Simmons? The ramp is secure."
#21: mercchurch said at 2006-02-18 11:17PM:

Definately Andy!
but closely followed by Gary.
#22: Crunchbite said at 2006-02-21 9:44AM:

The wrench and skull should be in here; without them, it's like...well, I don't know. The point is this: Tucker's rock sucks!!! Andy and Gary are better than that rock. Go Andy!!
#23: john_cena said at 2006-02-21 8:47PM:

#24: Crunchbite said at 2006-02-23 11:19AM:

Yeah, I agree with ya; Andy...is...the...best!!! And I also like Caboose, too; without him, everything would fall apart, and Church wouldn't get as mad; I loved it when Church started to get mad when Caboose wouldn't shut up in episode 58.
"Classic Church."
#25: stephen12693 said at 2006-03-5 9:23AM:

Tucker's rock ruled.

It sure does get lonely out here
#26: ilikeme42 said at 2006-03-14 10:31PM:

I'm just wondering why Church isn't a choice.

"This doesn't seem like a big deal. You hardly every used your legs to begin with. I've never known of a grown man asking for so many piggy-back rides."
"I already told you. That was for science."
#27: shadowklaw said at 2006-03-19 1:30AM:

And what about Lopez's head?

"Where is Donut?"
"Oh, there he is. Looks like he's talking to something."
"Looks like a rock."
#28: Zita said at 2006-03-19 3:50PM:

I like Gary, personaly. I'm not sure why.
Tucker's rock came in second.
#29: stephen12693 said at 2006-03-23 6:07PM:

Huh, where's Sheila?
#30: NightBladeV said at 2006-03-28 12:14PM:

Andy is a PIMP, who cares if Tucker malested a rock

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