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#1: estoy0no said at 2006-02-14 7:59AM:

I was trying to vote for my favorite inanimate object, since it says it's still open.
#2: DiMono said at 2006-02-14 1:46PM:

Yep, there are currently two open polls. The other one won't close until I'm ready for the next "favourite" poll.
#3: Cabooseizblu said at 2006-02-14 4:25PM:

i voted 4 he's pregnant......but.....actually I think the sword was like deseased or something and he's turning into a alien to *blarging* annoy the *blarg* out of church....

p.s I HATE valentines day in my collage....
#4: Barnaby said at 2006-02-15 11:49AM:

I think he's got radiation from the alien and that's turning him into another alien, but that's not an option....
#5: jmikhael said at 2006-02-15 1:12PM:

Gotta be the key... I mean the sword. I actually hope he turns into an alien, cause I haven't quite had enough of that dude: BLARG!
#6: john_cena said at 2006-02-16 4:29PM:

I voted that Tex kicked him in the nuts. Because he has had it coming for being such a prick. Bow-chicka-bow *WHACK* OW SON OF A *BLARG*
#7: Donut449 said at 2006-02-16 11:57PM:

I have no clue! I picked he is having a baby!
#8: Crunchbite said at 2006-02-17 3:48PM:

Yeah, Tucker's pregnant; no other option. (Except for one thing: why the hell did Church call O'Mally?!)
#9: shadowklaw said at 2006-02-17 5:16PM:

No, he called Doc. Bad thing is it's a two-for-one deal.
#10: ilikeme42 said at 2006-02-18 7:24AM:

Please, it's Tucker. Totally just milking it.
But I really gotta say it's the sword's fault. Maybe he shouldn't have let it get attached.
#11: caboose said at 2006-02-18 1:24PM:

I think its...I have no idea what it is......
#12: mercchurch said at 2006-02-18 11:12PM:

Knowing Tucker, it was just something he ate.
Or some girl he picked up (equally likely)
#13: jmikhael said at 2006-02-19 11:56AM:

He ate a girl he picked up?
#14: andrew2 said at 2006-02-20 8:28PM:

Actually, I wanted to say he's turning into an alien, but that wasn't available.
#15: Hejira said at 2006-02-21 6:17AM:

*looks at stats*

Man, it is going to be so embarrassing if he's not pregnant. Personally, I can't see any other option being more fun.
#16: Crunchbite said at 2006-02-21 9:53AM:

A two-for-one deal? O'Mally is still inside of Doc's head, so technically, Church called O'Mally....Unless you're referring to Lopez? If so, then I stand corrected, and if not...I still stand corrected....I should've seen that coming.
#17: themadj_lev said at 2006-02-22 3:19PM:

I think he's turning into an elite personally, and i put that in the episode comments, but i like the sound of him milking it
#18: Crunchbite said at 2006-02-23 11:24AM:

Wait, if Tucker did start turning into an elite, he wouldn't be able to speak human, he'd just be saying, "Blarg, blarg, honk, honk" all day long. Who wants to hear that? (That, and his armor color would look ridiculous. Trust me, on Halo 2, I tried that color, and it wasn't pretty; I nearly about lost my lunch)
#19: pimpman07 said at 2006-02-24 1:05PM:

That must have been one hell of a kick.
I feel sorry for tucker.
It'll be awhile before his balls come back down from his stomach.
#20: bonus01 said at 2006-03-2 8:40PM:

Well Vic is the coolest ever...hands pun intended...not quite sure what that means. And Tucker is going to have twin daughters who will look somewhat like himself....
#21: battosai121 said at 2006-03-4 10:16AM:

I say its Montezuma's" target="blank">" width="247.139588101" height="200" style="display: inline;" border="0" />
#22: Samsterboy said at 2006-03-5 11:30AM:

how can Tucker be pregnant? He's a guy. He Love's Chicks.

or wait a second, why in one of the episodes were they talkin about Crunchbite's Penis? It makes so much sence now! Crunchbite probbly fucked Tucker!

Wow I never thought of it that way....
#23: Josiah1 said at 2006-03-8 7:56PM:

hahahaah Montezuma's revenge?
cool ;)
#24: NightBladeV said at 2006-03-16 11:30AM:

he's pregnant end of story,andy and him got to close
#25: Zita said at 2006-03-18 8:16AM:

Yeah, Tex definitel kicked him... It was a long time coming. ;)
#26: Zita said at 2006-03-19 3:48PM:

But then again, he sure is ACTING pregnant. Snippy, vomiting, hrmm... Oh god, I can't wait for ep76!
Being thirteen sucks, I can't even be a non sponsor! -_-
#27: IAMCABOOSE said at 2006-03-20 3:58PM:

#28: Shiirame said at 2006-03-22 7:49AM:

If Tucker is pregnant then who's the father/mother of the child?
#29: Crunchbite said at 2006-03-22 2:02PM:

Wait. Why would Tucker have an STD? He's pregnant and that's that. Besides, it's not like that he has.... oh, shit. Never mind.
#30: Zita said at 2006-03-23 4:19PM:

The general consensus is that the culprit is either the alien or sword, and I'm rather weirded out. It's very amusing.
My friend, who I recently converted to RvBism, is convinced that Caboose is guilty. XP

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