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#1: Cabooseizblu said at 2006-04-10 6:45PM:

why sarge? the way it focused in on him when Church heard about no more O'mally in Doc. Why not the others? Here's my reasons.....
Church: No way. 'Cause he'd know and have done the "heuhgerhurk" thingamajig......
Caboose: He's already been taken over twice I think.....
Donut: Why take over a homosexual? Gay is not fun...or evil...if you think about it....Donut's another Doc....

Crap gotta go....finish the rest tommorow.......
#2: xylophonic1 said at 2006-04-12 5:59PM:

I say Donut, only because Donut pointed his weapon at Sarge while Sarge was talking.
#3: jmikhael said at 2006-04-12 6:13PM:

Gotta be Sarge - he'd be the ultimate kick-ass machine.
#4: Zita said at 2006-04-12 6:27PM:

I'm going with Sarge, because that would be really funny. It could also be Donut though, and that would be even funnier.

Has it occured to anyone that O'Malley may have gone into the person who arrived on the dropship?
#5: Sarge51 said at 2006-04-12 6:56PM:

it has to be Sarge because he was the only one on the red team to use his radio besides Church and Caboose but by the time they used it O'Malley was already gone. none of the other reds hada reason for using there radios so it cant be them. and from what we have seen O'Malley can only get into radios that are nearby as shown when he infected Doc since he seems to move slowy until he finds a source. and even if he were in Vic's computer then y would he go there in the first place. he cant move and would have to wait for someone to call in order to leave and i doubt hed wanna waste his time there. Andy and Shiela dont even have radios. Doc and Tucker were both busy. thats everyone. did i make myself clear enough?
#6: Pantophobia said at 2006-04-12 10:37PM:

Sarge has my vote.
He was the first one on the radio there.
#7: Hejira said at 2006-04-13 12:47AM:

Red Team *does* have a habit of just leaving their radios on.

I'm just sayin'.

And I voted for Pancake Donut.
#8: Sarge51 said at 2006-04-13 3:32PM:

thats just Sarge and Grif who tend to leave there radios on and O'Malley has seen Grif before so he wouldn't want to infect him. He only infrcted Doc because:

A: He was looking for a source
B: He thought he could have complete control over his body
#9: Hejira said at 2006-04-14 3:24AM:

Then how could Donut hear Lopez singing?, that went really far.
#10: AshamedGoril said at 2006-04-15 5:11PM:

If you go with the fact that O'malley gets put into people that are the complete opposite of him, it would be Donut.


O'malley=violent, aggressive A.I.

Donut=Gay/.... Friends with Caboose.
O'malley=Would totally get up on donut's sexuality/ Hates caboose.
#11: ilikeme42 said at 2006-04-16 5:42PM:

Yeah.... except for TEX, who was quite like him in many regards.

My money's on Donut. It was my first thought after he creeped up behind Sarge just as he was saying that they had reinforcements on the way.

Also, it'd be pretty cruel to ask Matt to come up with a second O'Malley voice in addition to his Doc and Sarge.
#12: furbylord said at 2006-04-19 1:07AM:

In Sarge, O'Malley is kinda unoticable, but still there.

*Moneys on:
...................2:1 Sarge
...................3:1 Grif
...................6:1 Dount
.......34324242:1 Simmons

So, basicly im going with Sarge or Donut

*Note: i SUX at making betting odds
#13: Crunchbite said at 2006-04-19 1:53PM:

It has to be Sarge because if you watched episode 75, when Sarge was saying that the ship was coming, he sorta had an odd voice while he was talking if you listen closely.
#14: Sveta said at 2006-04-19 10:17PM:

O'Malley can only move through the radio (as stated by Tex). Therefore, he can only be in Vic (or Vic's computer), Sarge, or Caboose.

I for one doubt it's Caboose because he was already used! That would be last year for O'Malley to wear him again.

Also, O'Malley would have a great many resources at his disposal if he inhabited a computer. After all, Vic is probably contacted like 50 times a day by obsessive zealots.
#15: epsilon said at 2006-04-22 7:23PM:

Out of those choices, I'd say Sarge, because he was first on the radio and O'Malley was most likely desperate to get out of Doc's armor. What would this mean for poor Grif?

However, I also think O'Malley could be in the spaceship that crushed Donut. Why? Why not? He could more than likely rack up a bigger body count in an armored vehicle than in a soldier's armor.
#16: Patrick said at 2006-04-25 7:15PM:

My money is Sarge
#17: caboose360 said at 2006-04-27 11:43AM:

ok 1st it can be anyone out of Caboose, Sarge, Grif, Donut, Vic's computer, Church or whoevers in the dropship.

He had his radio on

He was the 1st to use his radio

He always leaves his radio on

It looked like he was pointing his gun at Sarge before he was crushed

Vic's computer
O'Malley would have many resources

He had his radio on

Dropship Pilot
Wouldn't O'Malley just love a dropship

I think the Dropship pilot
#18: Tresureman said at 2006-04-27 9:06PM:

yo.. he's in Donut didnt you see his gesture?? he was clearly O'mally!!!! Also, since i say:
Sarge to Church
Simmons to Tex
Grif to Tucker
Donut to Caboose
when O'malley was in caboose, he could barely control him. since Donut is to Caboose, O'malley barely used his body, then Donut took over when Church mentioned ' baby '.
#19: Donuthole said at 2006-06-10 2:04AM:

i would have to say Donut since they used there radios and strangly when Donut did a wierd thing before being crushed by the Pelican so yea Donut
#20: battosai121 said at 2006-07-11 8:05PM:

I would say sheila... Its would be a killer combo...
#21: dillodude64 said at 2006-10-23 4:19PM:

now that the season has started we know it is sheila, she is acting all weird if i am wrong then it should be tuckers baby
#22: DiMono said at 2007-04-30 1:54PM:


Seriously, if I'd seen that coming, he would have been on this list.

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