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#1: stephen12693 said at 2006-05-2 8:26PM:

Gotta love Episode 17.

Evil Tovar. *Laughs*
#2: mandos said at 2006-05-2 10:42PM:

The Halloween Video is Def. the best.
#3: yelnocp said at 2006-05-15 4:26PM:

ep 15, the lost references were too funny.

Second place would be 16. The voicemail thing at the end is classic.
#4: shadow349 said at 2006-07-1 10:19PM:

episode 1 tovar lights his stove on fire
#5: shadow349 said at 2006-07-1 10:21PM:

I'm a panzy and I think I'm too good to leave a comment.
#6: Tresureman said at 2006-07-17 11:42PM:

A lot of them are great.. But the ones that stand out are " I will make millions in stock market selling espressos! ", the wsi intro, the halloween video with nikki, and the part where wade and Tovar flsh back when nikki dies.
#7: cbetts said at 2006-08-8 5:35PM:

My wife makes me suffer through Desperate Housewives. Goota give it to episode 6.
#8: dudeman1991 said at 2006-08-17 5:30AM:

Episode 5 by far. OH CRAP! ELECTRICITY!

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