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#1: stephen12693 said at 2006-07-27 4:12PM:

Maybe. The first season didn't really leave us with a cliffhanger. But there is a possibility of a second season, if RoosterTeeth is up to making it.
#2: bloody_grunt said at 2006-08-1 1:21PM:

it seemed like everything was kind of 'finished' but I would definitely want to see another season.
#3: Lopez_55 said at 2006-08-8 4:13PM:

Sure, why not?
#4: cbetts said at 2006-08-8 5:31PM:

They were finally getting on a good roll towards the end of the season. There are also new props to play with. Yeah, I think RT can pull another season off without a prob!
#5: dudeman1991 said at 2006-08-17 5:28AM:

I agree w/ bloody_grunt. It sort of came to an end, but I'd definitely watch another season. I'm actually really hoping they do!
#6: nice caboose said at 2006-09-7 7:34PM:

yo whats ^ yo
#7: nofxmn1 said at 2006-09-9 10:24PM:

It might work
#8: troy0891 said at 2006-10-1 12:47AM:

I don't know, I wasn't as fond of it as RvB. But then again, how can anything top RvB? I think it's got potential due to the different abilities Sims has versus those of halo but they'd need a new plot line. I think the old one was pretty much over at the end of the season. Either that or they'd have to introduce new characters as they sent my favorite ones back to their original times. So, who knows. If they make it I will probably watch it.
#9: megafire said at 2006-10-5 8:00AM:

I think it would be fun to see anouther season
#10: john0117 said at 2006-10-31 10:24PM:

I haven't even watched the first season... What's it about?
#11: evil_tovar said at 2006-11-29 1:54PM:

If they did I'd like the same characters. I'm not sure how they'll do it tho.
#12: MongooseGuy4 said at 2007-06-15 10:05PM:

A buch of Sims get abducted(my spelling sucks) and are forced into a reality show type... thing.....

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