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#1: dillodude64 said at 2006-12-9 11:37AM:

Red vs Blue Rocks! I have seen every episode and every psa.
#2: forensic said at 2006-12-9 6:31PM:

Yea, I know, I'm cheap! No need to rub it in Di!
#3: megafire said at 2006-12-10 11:22AM:

sponsors pwn, haha, I can see every single one of them!!
#4: Mrman123 said at 2006-12-10 3:01PM:

I'm a sponser, I like to watch them on Fridays (if I'm Awake).
#5: nice caboose said at 2006-12-21 10:48AM:

Red vs blue is one f!%$ing funny show
#6: mertyle said at 2006-12-21 11:18PM:

Yea, being a sponsor defiantly has it's perks and getting first access to new releases and previous seasons are one of those perks.
#7: Dwarf_Ninjas said at 2006-12-22 12:30AM:

I watch em when but its just sometimes not so easy to remember when they come out (and i am hardly up by then)
#8: IxxMercxxI said at 2006-12-22 9:52AM:

I always watch RVB. It's my life...
#9: S4LP3WND said at 2007-01-2 2:16PM:

rvb rocks
#10: Red Zealot said at 2007-01-10 5:20PM:

dude!! i watch red vs. blue like all the time , whenever i can!! its the kewlest thing ever!!
#11: stagger225 said at 2007-01-11 7:52PM:

I watch the new episode on Saturdays, cos it gets release on saturdays!
#12: IB said at 2007-01-18 5:21PM:

I watch the new eps as soon as they come out to the public which here is a thursday! RedvsBlue rules keep up the good work RT
#13: 2lazy said at 2007-03-6 11:05PM:

Now with the flash format, I tend to watch them on Fridays. Before that, when I had to download the episode, I didn't watch it until Sunday or Monday.

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