Who is your favourite RvB female?
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#1: froggerman said at 2007-01-23 8:36AM:

tex no compitition
#2: IxxMercxxI said at 2007-01-23 5:06PM:

Tex owns all.
#3: storm25 said at 2007-01-24 6:04PM:

Tex is the best
#4: xylophonic1 said at 2007-01-25 12:08AM:

Female Donut. Episodes 32 & 33 are my all-time favorites, I think.

"I love Caboose and yet I'm still afraid of him!"
#5: yogibundy said at 2007-01-27 4:48PM:

it has to be the female donut. the stereotype is the best!!!
#6: Red Zealot said at 2007-01-27 5:30PM:

definetly grifs stupid, color-blind sister. she's the best
#7: IB said at 2007-01-28 4:04AM:

tex by far
#8: froggerman said at 2007-01-31 8:25AM:

#9: froggerman said at 2007-01-31 8:27AM:

donut isnt a female
#10: ToaRabin said at 2007-02-2 10:14PM:

Definitely Donut...
Shotgun's Lap!

-Rabin J. Caboose
#11: Kiantino said at 2007-02-9 4:20PM:

Tex by far
#12: Ricky117 said at 2007-02-11 7:57AM:

Tex has to be the best. Who doesn't like a chick who with guns. Like the shootng pow pow guns.
#13: JabariTana said at 2007-02-21 7:07PM:

Sheila. Then Tex. But seriously. Who can beat a tank? NOBODY.
#14: newsome said at 2007-02-24 8:17AM:

female ???
#15: Miguel C said at 2007-02-24 11:14PM:

Definitely Donut
#16: bryan_too said at 2007-02-25 4:09AM:

#17: midkiff said at 2007-02-26 8:17AM:

Tex all the way...lol not literatly
#18: Tangent said at 2007-03-8 9:19AM:

Sister is the most colourful.
#19: gatorace81 said at 2007-03-10 10:21AM:

Sister F***in' rox!! I think her first name is Raheal
#20: crouchosarus said at 2007-03-11 7:27PM:

"Hey, does anybody have any tampons"
"I love Caboose, but yet I fear him"
Caboose's Donut pwns all
#21: donut said at 2007-03-13 9:27AM:

sheila definitly she a f***ing tank!
#22: midkiff said at 2007-03-13 10:30PM:

Caboose: "the last time i got shot i got a purple heart...yeah this time i hope to get a purple lung...u see, eventually i hope to build an entire purple person...and we can be best friends

tucker: maybe u need get a purple brain

caboose: ur just jealous, cuz u hvae no friends!

#23: Macdaddy said at 2007-08-27 4:02PM:

Tex, because she can kick anybodies ass
#24: churchgirl77 said at 2008-11-24 12:23PM:

Tex is overall the best female. Hello! She doesn't need a weapon to kill somebody and when she does have a weapon, she kicks major ass!!!!!!!
#25: North Dakota said at 2016-04-19 9:20AM:

Tex Is #1 On my list

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