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#1: IxxMercxxI said at 2007-04-2 5:47PM:

I wish there Would be a return of PANICS, but we all know that RT's comps can't handle the pure awesomeness of FEAR.
#2: AmandaJ3162 said at 2007-04-2 5:52PM:

The staff have talked numerous times about doing some non-machinima projects. While I half expect the announcement to be a joke, at the same time, I think they want to be done with RvB so they can move on to other things.
#3: strifemaster said at 2007-04-2 7:03PM:

Burnie's lying! He has to be! But if Red vs. Blue did end, more PANICS (or a PANICS-like machinima), and/or a second season of the Strangerhood. Machinima is their niche and I hope they don't stray too far from it.
#4: JulyFlame said at 2007-04-2 10:11PM:

Probably some new machinima project, but I wouldn't expect them to stop just there.
#5: Rental01 said at 2007-04-2 10:26PM:

It was posted on April Fools Day. Puh-leeeeeeze!

If they do stop it that's cool too tho. I've not been able to watch for some time and since they quit doing the "free dvd for sponsors" thing I quit watching them. Granted, I still talk to my friends and participate in the forums (as well as sponsor) but I just don't watch the videos.

Does that make me a bad person? :(
#6: khurram_89 said at 2007-04-2 11:01PM:

I've been around RvB since Season 1, and the RT website for a very long time. They always do an April Fools joke. I think this is it this year.
#7: Sero said at 2007-04-2 11:18PM:

Yeah...I'm skeptical. I'm going to be worried until I see episode 101, but I just doubt this is anything but an April Fool's joke. It's got me a little worried, but...I just can't see them announcing this on April 1st, anniversary or no, just because people would think it was just a joke. I hope it's not for real, anyways. I suspect the last poll is what prompted this.
#8: spartanmasta said at 2007-04-3 2:31AM:

rvb has gone on for a long time and it's good and all, but all good things must come to an end. if it goes on cool, if not, cool too. i'm looking forward to other stuff from them other than machinima, and hopefully some machinima coming. they are just so awesome, uniting hundreds of thousands of people and leading to the creation of RvBTO 1, 2 and the upcoming 3. the people i have met are absolutely awesome. especially joe, chris and his girlfriend Natalie (sp). i hope it keeps running.
#9: rudie11 said at 2007-04-3 12:30PM:

I am glad that RvB went on as long as it did. I have really enjoyed the series and will be sad to see it go. But I am definitely looking forward to whatever comes next for them.

And who knows, maybe we'll still see some old RvB friends show up in PSAs, etc.
#10: storm25 said at 2007-04-3 6:34PM:

I hope it's just an April Fools joke. Burnie did say they were ending the Blood Gulch Chronicles. So if it's not a joke maybe RvB will continue but on another map. If they do that I hope they keep the same characters, those guys are hilarious
#11: NotABluetard said at 2007-04-3 6:45PM:

My guess is that "Red vs Blue" will continue, but with a new secondary title.

Burnie said that the "Bool Gulch Chronicles" were ending, not RvB itself.

I hope I'm right. For the past 2 and a half years, RvB has played a major role in my life, and the series means a lot to me. Either way, I will continue to loyally sponsor, and to watch whatever series they have for us next.
#12: 2dumb2live said at 2007-04-4 8:43AM:

Burnie's lying, but if anyone was at the machinima film festival in Melbourne this year, Gus mentioned that although RvB wasn't goiong to end for a while, Rooster Teeth are closer to the end than they are to the start. Basically, there's a while to go, but we're over halfway through the story arc/machinma series/series.
#13: megafire said at 2007-04-4 2:03PM:

they said the BGC would end, not RvB, see, there's the difference, they'll just continue RvB, only on a different location
#14: reedmon29 said at 2007-04-6 12:56AM:

I'm fairly certain it's a joke. They have no other current projects going, and nothing they have done has come close to the fame of RvB.
#15: Animan111 said at 2007-04-7 10:45PM:

I Daubt Red Vs Blue would end because of Halo 3 coming out and the even greater chance of funny shit to do with all the crap they have planned, hell they might even have brutes on Halo 3 multiplayer so they couyld fuck with the storyline even mroe making more jokes and plently or stuff to you, if it does end i'll cry if only for a second
#16: bloody_grunt said at 2007-04-9 6:52PM:

I could see some very good storylines for P.A.N.I.C.S. I think it should return.
#17: LOR_87 said at 2007-04-10 10:33PM:

Ok, now Burnie didnt say that RVB was ending, just the Blood Gulch Chronicles.

This is from the Announcement:
Producing RvB and getting to know the people who watch it have been two of the greatest joys of my life. That's why we wanted to let you all know first that Episode 100 is going to be the last installment of The Blood Gulch Chronicles. One hundred is a great number, and it seems like the perfect place to call it a show.
#18: kahbuse said at 2007-04-11 12:13PM:

I believe Animan111 has it nailed down. There probably won't be a remake of the level "Blood Gulch/Coagulation" in Halo 3, which is why all the characters are leaving the canyon and going to Water Works. With Season 5 ending soon, RT will have a few months break from RVB, time to get the DVD ready for sale, time for other projects, until the release of Halo 3 in November. Even if they intend to quit, I believe that once they play Halo 3 and can explore all the crazy things in the multiplayer environment, they will have no choice but to continue.
#19: Darth_Venom said at 2007-04-11 4:30PM:

what I think is he just means the season over at episode 100, I mean I have read the journal its just or he could just need a brake from RvB I mean 4 years of doing it means your going to have to take a brake every now and then its not like a real TV show where you expect them to come out with more episodes after another these guys have a life out side of RvB just let them take a brake let them do what they wont and if its really the end of RvB then let them end it, I mean its not like the world going to end when RvB over.
#20: WillSWC said at 2007-04-12 7:08AM:

Without Red Vs. Blue I won't be coming back to them. Its the #1 thing worth watching and without it I won't.
#21: Shadowkhazi said at 2007-04-13 2:00PM:

Maybe they'll continue RVB in Halo 3!!! That would be crazy.
#22: Beaowulf said at 2007-04-16 4:02AM:

After 100 their going to create a new series in the RvB universe.
#23: Bubblicious said at 2007-04-21 8:15PM:

If after 100 episodes, the series ends, there has to be a RvB movie in theatres to OFFICIALLY end it. That will be the best movie ever!!! i would go see it and get it on DVD.
#24: Bubblicious said at 2007-04-27 12:43AM:

If this is an april fools joke, it would be a GREATEST April Fools joke in the history of the Earth. It would be greater than Episode 28.5! This joke fooled many ppl
#25: caboossbaby said at 2007-05-23 1:16PM:

i'm sorry
i did not mean to say somthing mean like that.
what i meant was
"Oh, but i love RvB! please make some more for us to enjoy! i really hope to see more! especially if there are cookies involved! i like cookies."
i forgot the question..
were we talking about chickens?
#26: Darthayrton said at 2007-05-24 2:46PM:

i think there will be a New Machanima project useing a new story line using Halo 3 or something i dont think Rooster Teeth will want to miss out on the opertunity to use Halo 3 Engine Because that would attracked even move people to the Website of Rooster Teeth...
#27: Dr_Indigo said at 2007-06-8 1:57PM:

Well, the answer is made, new machinima called 1-800-Magic, a Shadow Run machinima thing:
#28: compbyte said at 2007-06-8 10:08PM:

Rooster Teeth cannot make more P.A.N.I.C.S. they don't own the rights to it, so it would be illegal. 1-800-MAGIC is a new miniseries they are doing, but Burnie has said there will be a new project when RvB is over, but according to Matt, this is not it.

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