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#1: dillodude64 said at 2007-06-11 2:32PM:

I feel bad that RvB is leaving us. I'm guessing that Roosterteeth might loose some sponsorship over this situation. And maybe over some stroke of luck they will bring it back with Halo 3 with some kind of new plotline.
#2: BattleFrag91 said at 2007-06-11 9:12PM:

its a good show, no RvB, but it'll settle over
#3: CrimsonGhost said at 2007-06-12 1:29AM:

Its a little weird... I'm waiting to see more of it before I pass judgement...
#4: forensic said at 2007-06-12 9:39AM:

I have to admit the editing and style is new and incredible, but it just seems a little - I don't know - Matrixesque and predictable.
#5: Bubblicious said at 2007-06-13 3:42PM:

I doesn't fill the RvB void. Red vs. Blue is the longest machinima they ever made. It leaving just will make RT unpopular
#6: storm25 said at 2007-06-15 4:54PM:

I must say I loved some of those lines like
"And you smell like bacon. Why do you smell like bacon?" also I loved the whole conversation with the glowing tree.

Still not the same as RvB
#7: MongooseGuy4 said at 2007-06-15 10:00PM:

I hope they keep the PSMs at least
#8: MongooseGuy4 said at 2007-06-15 10:01PM:

Sry, *PSAs
#9: MongooseGuy4 said at 2007-06-15 10:03PM:

And as my last comment:

Would you rather have it become boring and jump the shark?
#10: jediman500 said at 2007-06-19 5:40PM:

Definitely not RvB. It has some good lines and I swear one of the guys sounds like Andy, but it'll never be as good as RvB, sadly.
#11: Jason said at 2007-06-19 7:22PM:

I'm not really caring for it too much yet but i dont really want to say good or bad till i see some more of it.
#12: idiot45 said at 2007-06-24 5:47AM:

I'm still waiting for something cool to happen.

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