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#1: SpartnsWrth said at 2007-06-28 11:33PM:

I liked the one where they mirror Episode 1 because none of my favorite characters died. And it was pretty cool. It left some hints to Halo 3 RvB because of the mongoose
#2: 2lazy said at 2007-06-29 1:17AM:

It's a tough call between 2 and 3. I voted two because the thing in XBL at the end was awesome. I didn't really want them all to die, as fun as it was to watch.
#3: idiot45 said at 2007-06-29 9:49AM:

I was glad to see everyone was still alive, and the dramatic mirroring from episode 1.
#4: CptKelley said at 2007-06-29 10:01AM:

I liked the one where Sarge goes ape on the computer. It was one of the funnist things I have ever saw!!
#5: gravemynd said at 2007-06-29 9:59PM:

i found the second to be a little anti climactic, with the whole thing being a game. so i went with number 3, the big battle was very funny, and ironic that one of the only real battles would be in the end, though with people dieing in battles i guess its not that ironic it would end with that. but i like thinking that it will keep on going.
#6: bloody_grunt said at 2007-07-2 11:31AM:

The mirror, nice wrap-around. Although I kind of felt that any of them wasn't very fin It seems like they could keep going. I mean come with a new story that perhaps doesn't involve O'malley.
#7: mjdishere said at 2007-07-2 3:44PM:

The 3rd one is by far the best and most climactic with Church's speech. The 2nd one was good in the fact that we find out what happens to Vic but it wasnt very climactic... it only showed the reds. The 1st was funny but too shocking for all the people who fell in love with all the characters.

I think there should be a new series with the same characters but a new storyline (like what bloody grunt said) If the 3rd ending is the real one then the new story line could tie into Vic still being alive and learning more about the war in wich Omalley's plan was ment to end.
#8: DustBunny01 said at 2007-07-3 2:22AM:

The first ending was a reprise of the British Television Series Blake's Seven. Been there, done that.

The second ending was interesting but seemed cheap. Sort of like watching a movie then discovering at the end it was all just a dream when the principal character wakes up and turns off the alarm clock.

The third ending had some class. While it did loop the series to sort of a new beginning, it allowed the characters to remain characters in a drama and the story could continue to evolve, even if RT kills the series after episode 100.
#9: Dr_Indigo said at 2007-07-5 9:00AM:

When they mirrored Episode 1, it really brought back what red vs blue was about, that they don't kill everyone and that it shows almost the compleate Circle. But i don't think it will end.
#10: SilverWolf said at 2007-07-7 4:47AM:

The one where they mirror episode 1. Twas the greatest ending of all to the greatest machinima of all!

I also loved how they put "The Blood Gulch Blues" into the ending.
#11: Dr_Indigo said at 2007-07-8 6:08PM:

#10 I also loved how they put "The Blood Gulch Blues" into the ending.

yeah, me too
#12: MongooseGuy4 said at 2007-07-14 8:16PM:

The one where they mirror episode one is the best. With it they have a way to continue the series into Halo 3, if the wanted to do that.
#13: dillodude64 said at 2007-07-24 11:12AM:

I liked the computer game one the most but if I were to choose an official ending I would choose the mirriored one.
#14: dillodude64 said at 2007-07-24 11:15AM:

Also, I think they will have a new chronicle when Halo 3 comes out because the 2 weeks before the last episode they kept refering to it as its full name, "Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles" therefore I think that The Blood Gulch Chronicles is over but not Red vs. Blue, its just too popular. Also, in the computer ending they said same team, new map so, who's to say?
#15: Macdaddy said at 2007-08-27 4:03PM:

i knew they where going to do the one that killed them all off but my favorte is the one where sarge attacks the comp
#16: cg1991 said at 2007-08-28 12:10PM:

I liked the one where everyone survived so that it could carry on but for funnyness probably the matchmaking ending

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