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#1: CptKelley said at 2007-07-5 12:43AM:

I thought that it was great and they need to make more of it.
#2: Dr_Indigo said at 2007-07-5 8:56AM:

It was OK, nothing like Red Vs Blue, but not all bad
#3: bloody_grunt said at 2007-07-5 3:02PM:

No RvB but I'm glad they made it.
#4: bloodysnoman said at 2007-07-10 5:52PM:

It was fun to watch. I wish RT had made more, but it can't compare to RvB. I guess every new series from RT will be compared to RvB.
#5: MongooseGuy4 said at 2007-07-14 8:13PM:

It was funny.
#6: Kasrkin said at 2007-07-21 5:37PM:

Be it a virtual life simulator or a paranormal FPS, Rooster Teeth performs with their usual style. Which is to say, comedic excellence.
#7: idiot45 said at 2007-07-24 9:52AM:

It didn't quite satisfy me with the story and number of episodes. But hey, we can't force Joel to think of something by himself.
#8: dillodude64 said at 2007-07-24 11:18AM:

It was OK, nothing like Red Vs Blue, but not all bad

I agree.
#9: john010117 said at 2007-07-25 1:44AM:

It wasn't that bad... but it was nothing like RvB. Obviously.
#10: john010117 said at 2007-07-25 1:46AM:

Eh, I liked it when everyone dies. It got a good laugh out of me.
#11: BattleFrag91 said at 2007-07-25 7:00PM:

I really thought that it was too short, I hope they continue it someday
#12: mikest1 said at 2007-07-31 11:39AM:

I liked it. I would have liked to have seen one more episode to wrap it up a little better though.
#13: DaveCaboose said at 2007-08-1 9:11PM:

It was alright nowhere near as good as red vs blue
#14: Bubblicious said at 2007-08-11 1:57PM:

they stopped it becasue they r making a Halo 3 machinima "shrouded in mystery" (not telling us about it)
#15: omgidontno said at 2007-08-17 7:19AM:

It was OK, nothing like Red Vs Blue, but not all bad

#16: Macdaddy said at 2007-08-27 3:57PM:

it wasn't a good ending, they could have at least made another episodes
#17: wierdwill said at 2007-09-5 4:33PM:

roosterteeth is way beter but i am blocked
#18: bassmanivan said at 2007-09-14 8:52AM:

im still only on season 3 so i don't want anyone to all...even omally...or doc. they all rock
#19: Bubblicious said at 2007-09-23 11:52AM:

when i saw #4, i didn't know it was the last one, and i thought they were making more
until i finally figured it out
#20: MongooseGuy4 said at 2007-09-24 6:59PM:

Damn, this is the most interesting exiting ever.
#21: MongooseGuy4 said at 2007-09-24 7:00PM:

EDIT: This is the most exiting conversation ever.
#22: go_caboose said at 2007-10-13 2:48PM:

It was just confusing to me...
#23: go_caboose said at 2007-10-13 2:48PM:

It was just confusing to me...
#24: Xorda said at 2007-10-22 5:28PM:

I didn't like it one bit
#25: flex30 said at 2007-10-24 12:51AM:

I love it. You guys need to make more episodes for 1-800-MAGIC. I know alot of people who would love to see it. Keep on rockin !!!
#26: Aryam said at 2009-01-5 11:39AM:

It ended when it was starting to get really good! I think we need more!

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