What was your favourite season of Red vs Blue
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#1: Amtshooter said at 2007-10-30 11:04PM:

All the seasons were awesome! Some were funnier than others but all were great!
#2: MichyGeary said at 2007-10-30 11:09PM:

Season four, goddamnit. Love me, Manic Simmons. <3
#3: Darcboy said at 2007-10-30 11:18PM:

Season 4 cause it introduced:
#4: bloody_grunt said at 2007-10-30 11:20PM:

season 3, it was the most story advancing season (I like that where I can see it's going somewhere) but at the same time was able to put some awesome jokes in.

Season 4 had some good jokes but didn't go anywhere.
#5: Dman82 said at 2007-10-31 5:27AM:

I'm going to go with Season 1 since that's the season that started the whole phenomenon.
#6: Ricky117 said at 2007-10-31 6:25AM:

All of the seasons were good
#7: DaveCaboose said at 2007-10-31 5:41PM:

All the seasons were great but I have to say season 4 is definitely the best
#8: davidnt2 said at 2007-11-1 5:54PM:

All the seasons were great! I have never laughed louder in my life!
#9: BrigsT said at 2007-11-1 9:01PM:

I love Season 3 Cause it had the most Doc and Omalley!!!!
#10: habakuku said at 2007-11-2 5:11PM:

season 2, I don't know why, it was just awesome!
#11: Bubblicious said at 2007-11-3 12:22AM:

i love them all about the same

i kinda like some more them others but not enough to make it my favorite
#12: go_caboose said at 2007-11-4 3:56AM:

i love all of them. if i had to describe RvB in 3 words, they would be...

L-O-L. wait...?
#13: gmalarkey said at 2007-11-11 3:40PM:

season 5 as the humor just seems to have gotten amazingly good
#14: mcmb03 said at 2007-11-12 5:55PM:

this is the best production from an online site ever! I hope they extend it into Halo 3 and keep it moving... although its probably going to stop for a little while because they need a break overthere at rooster teeth productions
#15: amarill said at 2007-11-17 11:36AM:

Like Darcboy said,

season 4 introduced the line "Bow Chicka Bow Wow"

I mean who doesn't like that line.
#16: jrrifenberg said at 2007-11-17 1:51PM:

Season 2 is definitely the funniest so much classic rvb is in that season All season 4 had was bow chicka bow wow other wise it was probably the worst of the five
#17: gravemynd said at 2007-11-23 8:13PM:

i love all the seasons, which is why im buying them all for christmass.. and i hope they go on to a sixth.
#18: megafire said at 2007-12-23 1:25PM:

hard choise, either season 2 or 5, meh, I'll go for 5
#19: Merros said at 2008-01-16 8:11PM:

You just can't pick favorites when it comes to seasons.

Episodes are a different story though..
#20: JordanMDL said at 2008-01-31 3:03PM:

I loved all of them but if I must pick a specific one, I'd say 5th.
#21: correip965 said at 2008-01-31 4:11PM:

in my opinion the seasons go like this
  • Season 4
  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
  • Season 5

season five had its moments but i didnt find it that funny
#22: gamma927 said at 2008-02-27 8:25PM:

Season 5, because you know everone very well, and the ship lands, and everyone is there and caboose is the stupidest
#23: silentucker said at 2008-02-28 7:53AM:

i enjoyed season 3 the best the going back in time and the robot army were awsome
#24: lt. said at 2008-05-18 5:28PM:

it was an impossible choice, so, i picked at random
#25: jakal said at 2008-08-20 7:36PM:

season 1 4 sure

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