What did you think of Reconstruction?
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#1: Amtshooter said at 2008-10-31 6:54PM:

I liked it but I didn't think it was that great. Washington was an awesome character and didn't deserve to get (not gonna say because some people haven't watched it yet). It was a good ending but it posed a lot of news questions to be answered. Plus we didn't get to see Tucker. Oh well, wait until the next series comes out.
#2: DiMono said at 2008-11-2 8:57PM:

It's amazing how long these polls can go without lots of votes when I don't announce them on Rooster Teeth.
#3: theironpaw said at 2008-11-3 9:26PM:

Hell with it its great good job ill still miss rvb original but I'm here for change its better than letting red vs blue original go to long over due to finish and turn out like garfield - and rooster teeth after having no internet for a year and come back on now i still not disappointed keep up the great job!!! i better log back on my account in redvsblue check the new vid is up yet -loging out to theironpaw :D
#4: BuckeyeDon said at 2008-11-4 2:42AM:

Best piece of artwork I've seen! I haven't been held so captive, so enthralled, and moved in quite some time (if ever) by a piece of work in print or on the screen. The only thing I'm wondering is, how the hell are they going to top this?
#5: Oroboros said at 2008-11-4 6:31PM:

Resurrecting Washington was the best move ever, and Shannon gets uber-props for great voice-work.

I was amazed at the level of emotional connection the story managed to make while transitioning flattish chartacters to fairly involved story. I was disappointed with the almost complete lack of closure for a series finale. - Washington's path of retribution and justice was undermined by the Chairman. Church hasn't accepted he's an AI, let alone the Alpha. The Director wasn't caught. Tex wasn't saved. Epsilon's nature wasn't revealed. The fate of Lopez and Sister wasn't addressed. Delta never re-appeared, following his departure, to tell his side of the story. Tucker opens up a new side-plot for a future series.

Refining the backstory is OK... but ultimately unsatisfying in the here-now world fo rthe plot.

Oh - and time travel. Please broom this idea as quickly as you can. It was poorly used in BGC, and is too easy to do in the RvB-verse - the ability to travel in time needs to be earned, or anyone can do it. It undermines jeopardy if you keep clicking 'undo' all the time.
#6: dragonmanweb said at 2008-11-4 8:52PM:

I loved this series. It was an amazingly written, and very well 'acted' series. The special camera work and SFX shots were great, and it was all around just top notch, high quality stuff. I really want to know, like many others, what they are going to do from here.

There are a deluge of unanswered questions, and they've set up a world even richer than before, while managing to tie it all in pretty damn well with what we know of the Halo series. I can't wait for the DVD release!
#7: amarill said at 2008-11-6 12:13AM:

That's why there's gonna be more series. On RT site, it says that they'll be coming up with some more series, so more questions will be answered, and I'm sure more will be posed.
#8: der1cho said at 2008-11-6 4:29AM:

Just when the other machinima series starts to catch up, RT raise the bar.

A great story with many unanswered questions. Seing what Tucker and his crew had discovered could be a great mini series. The effects have shown what can be done with the fastest growing form of animation.

While it was more serious than BGC there was still some great jokes through out the series, someone put a wall in the way still makes me laugh.

This was the first complete series I watched while a sponsor and will always continue to renew. The DVD is ordered and I will wait for its arrival to watch the series again, until then I have the episodes.
#9: Donutsmyhomi said at 2008-11-7 8:14AM:

I was hoping for something like a different map RvB like what was said in episode 100. I expected that it would be different scenarios. I guess not.

Side note: I came up with the idea of Washington before RT. If you dont believe me check my journal in Rt.
#10: TuckerTaylor said at 2008-11-7 9:42AM:

It was a great series but the ending sucks...it needs to be a longer series...and ya...there was no viewing of the best character...TUCKER!!!!!>:(they need more episodes!!!!!!!!!!

-Bow Chicka Bow Wow
#11: JuiceCaboose said at 2008-11-11 3:41AM:

Red Vs Blue Rocks !!!!!!

I would Say more but its already been said in previous comments . .

More Tucker Please !!!
#12: XxchurchxX said at 2008-11-12 12:55AM:

Is there gonna be more red vs blue after reconstruction? please tell me there's gonna be more!!
#13: psycho889 said at 2008-11-15 12:15AM:

Pretty good but we never saw the meta get killed and we didn't see donut or Tucker. We didn't find out what happened to Church and Wash.
#14: Rocker4JC said at 2008-11-19 2:34AM:

I was on the edge of my seat every Monday waiting for it to come out. I LOVE the new style guys. KEEP IT COMIN!
#15: Kuryree said at 2008-11-19 10:02PM:

I really liked Reconstruction. It still had the humor in BGC, but had some seriousness and emotion. The finale was a huge cliffhanger-did Church survive? what happened to Tucker? and all that other stuff. Overall, it was the awesomest thing I ever saw.
#16: churchgirl77 said at 2008-11-25 9:05AM:

I loved it! We got to find more about Church and the hilarity of the original series was still there! ^_^
#17: AgentTexas said at 2009-01-12 11:46AM:

I love Reconstruction! Its Awesome! I only wish they would bring Tex back, she's One of my favorite characters. I hope when she does come back her and Church get back together!(Not Likely) Anyways I love it!
#18: storm25 said at 2009-02-3 4:20PM:

I was rather dissapointed in the last episode. It left too many cliff hangers. Also while the humour was awesome as usual, the drama was never what drew me in. The lack of Tex annoyed me as well.

**Proud Tex/Church shipper**

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